Xena Warrior Princess

Thick as Blood
Gabrielle’s daughter, Hope, returns from death and seeks out her mother. Xena and Gabrielle learn that Dahak is trying to return, and Hope swears she has changed and needs help to stop Dahak. Can it be possible that Hope has really changed for the better?

I, Stranger
A Conqueror based series that opens with Janice Covington being kidnapped to the Conqueror’s realm. Janice and Melinda Pappas change the Conqueror and Rebel Gabrielle forever. The Conqueror and Gabrielle become more than allies and vow to change the darkened realm while discovering how many universes there are out there.

Destiny of Mine
An alternate Xena universe where Xena and Gabrielle meet as kids and become best friends. Eventually, Gabrielle is ripped out of Xena’s life and becomes a slave. Xena vowes to find her best friend, but she soon slips into the darkness because she believes Gabrielle is dead. Now will destiny bring them back together, ever?

One Shots
One off Xena fanfictions. The stories are a mix of uber, crossover, and classic.

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