Disclaimer & Notices

Copyright: The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles characters and concept belong to James Cameron and Josh Friedman. However, I own the plot and other characters.

Notices: This story contains violence and sexual content.

Notes: This story picks up in Season 2 from the television show and also takes a few liberties.

Summary: Sarah Connor and Derek Reese are on a mission but are unexpectedly held prisoners until John and Cameron show up. While the Connors and Derek make an escape, Cameron holds off the enemy until Sarah returns to help Cameron only to be used against the terminator. Sarah soon discovers Cameron is worth more than the sum of her assembled parts. But worse yet, Cameron’s programming is slowing being erased and will cause Cameron to revert to her Skynet subroutines, again.

Series 1: The Cameron Connor Chronicles, Story #1

Started: March 28, 2009

No Programming
by Red Hope


Sarah Connor picked up the hot mug of brew that wafted under her nose and started the initial wake up. She slowly made her way over the kitchen table and sat with the two teens, who were prepared to go to school shortly.

John had his head dipped forward, and his mouth was full of his mother’s pancakes.

“Any tests today?” Sarah prompted the pair.

John still had a mouthful but exchanged a look with his protector, Cameron. He figured she’d answer the question.

“Calculus,” Cameron factually stated. She was not eating and was able to put her full focus on Sarah.

Sarah sipped on her coffee then lowered it to the table. She couldn’t help a faint grin as she ordered, “I don’t want you two getting a hundred percent on the test.” She heard her son’s low snort so she joked, “A ninety-five is plenty good.”

“And imperfect,” Cameron, the terminator, argued.

Sarah wearily eyed the terminator but said nothing back.

John pushed aside his empty plate minus the smeared syrup. “Mom doesn’t want us to call attention to ourselves by being super nerds.”

Cameron blinked once then centered her focus on her charge. “I am not a nerd.”

John crossed his arms on the table, and a sly grin spread over his lips. “It’s perfectly normal to be imperfect, Cameron.” He slightly waved a hand at her. “Just miss a few answers.”

Cameron silently sighed but her shoulders noticeably drooped. “I will… attempt to make an error or two.” She decided the conversation was over and stood up. She collected her pack then headed for the front door.

Sarah watched until Cameron was out of view. She shifted her attention back to her son. “Have a good day, dear.” She leaned over to him and kissed him on the temple.

“Mom,” the teen boy scoffed at the affection. He teasingly rubbed the kiss away, grabbed his backpack, and got to his feet. He darted around his mother’s chair but not without returning a kiss to her cheek. He hurried off while calling, “TGIF.”

Sarah shook her head once then went for her coffee. She hummed happily at the momentary peace she felt, which just as quickly faded away once reality returned to her. She drummed her fingertips on her coffee mug and considered her tentative plans with Derek Reese. Just at the thought, she distantly heard her cell phone ring in the living room so she sighed and climbed to her feet. She knew it was duty calling her.

To be continued.