Disclaimer & Notices: See Prologue.

Volume I
by Red Hope


Chapter 4

Caris removed Octavia’s tank top then set it with the other clothes. She then grasped Octavia’s bicep in hidden signal.

Octavia followed Caris’s lead. She still had on her pants, boots, and lower armor but only a white wrap covered her breasts. She expected the male warriors among the crowd would leer, but they only watched in curosity.

Caris carefully tied Octavia to the post then kicked out Octavia’s legs. “Keep a wider stance so you can brace yourself,” she whispered.

Octavia said nothing but did as Caris advised her.

Caris stepped away and stood beside the warrior that guarded Lincoln. She noted that Nyko was attending to Lincoln’s wounds. Lincoln’s complete attention was on Octavia. He wished to stop it, but he understood Octavia’s desire to be with the Trikru.

Indra looked at Lexa and waited for her orders.


Indra dipped her head then marched towards the scourging post. She unfurled the cat o’ nine and wound up her arm.

Lexa curiously watched Indra’s own hesitation to punish Octavia. Perhaps there was a drop of sympathy in her officer’s steely heart. She had chosen Indra to administer the scourging because she knew Indra would do so with an accurate hand.

Indra tightened her grip on the whip’s handle as her eyes lined up with her target. She clenched her teeth and gave a low cry as she brought the whip against Octavia’s back.

Octavia echoed Indra’s cry and gritted her teeth. She gasped and dug her fingers against the wood post. Her nails found older grooves from Lincoln, who suffered her same fate. Octavia gave a whimper when the whip connected with her skin a second time.

Indra lifted the whip but less anger drove her hand down for the third time. She bit back another cry when the cat o’ nine tore into Octavia’s flesh. Indra felt her anger for the girl’s betrayal break away, and yet she still had three more lashings to go.

Octavia leaned her forehead against the post. She felt her own hot blood crawl down her back. An irony taste filled her mouth. She braced herself as the whip came again for the fourth time. She had six more to go.

Indra adjusted her hand on the whip then lifted it up for the fifth lashing. She had never once faltered in her duty to carry out a scourging, but she sensed it today. Octavia’s will to rejoin the clan cut through Indra’s bitterness. With a new yell, Indra lashed Octavia again. She thanked the gods there was only one left. With relief, Indra struck Octavia for the last time and lowered the whip to her side. She signaled Caris.

Octavia leaned heavy against the post, and she opened her eyes when Caris came to her. “No,” she rasped. She lifted her head. “No,” she repeated louder this time.

Indra had taken a step away, but she paused and looked at Octavia.

“That was only six,” Octavia explained.

Caris had her dagger near the ropes, but her eyes cut to Indra.

“I have four more,” Octavia demanded of Indra.

Indra felt her heartbeat increase, and she turned her gaze to the commander.

“It should be the same,” Octavia managed in a louder voice. She swallowed against the burning bile in her throat.

Lexa had heard Octavia’s demand, and she focused on Indra, who waited for the order. She nodded. “Give her what she wants, Indra.” She could tell that Indra loathed the command. Lexa was pleased by Indra’s change of heart.

Indra returned to her earlier position and waited until Caris was out of the way.

“Don’t go soft on me, Indra,” Octavia demanded. She doubted anybody heard her except Indra.

For a beat, Indra growled at Octavia’s keen observation. She steeled herself and hotly replied, “Do not worry, girl.” She raised the whip.

Octavia pressed her forehead against the post. She clutched the wood and braced her body for Indra’s renewed anger. A scream exploded from her chest after the lash. Her broken, marred skin burned as if she walked into a fire. The pungent metallic scent from her back caused her stomach to twist with nausea.

Indra brought the whip across Octavia’s back again and again. Each time, Octavia’s scream grew stronger and cut back through Indra’s chest. She had sworn to keep her resolve and complete the ten lashings without sympathy. Indra promised Octavia that she would fulfill her punishment with honor.

Several paces away, Lexa continued watching each of the four final lashings with open respect. It had been a long time since Lexa saw such strength, and it was coming from an outsider. She understood Indra’s desire to train Octavia to be a warrior. However, Lexa saw more than just a warrior buried within Octavia.

Octavia felt her head spinning from the pain. She muttered, “Nain.” For each lashing, she mentally counted in Trigedasleng. Briefly, she wondered if it was irony that the number ten was the same in English and Trigedasleng.

Indra lifted her hand with the whip. For the second time, she was thankful this was the last one. She was amazed that Octavia had yet to pass out. Indra bitterly stared at the whip marks across Octavia’s back, but she still brought the whip across Octavia’s back.

Octavia lost her balance under the strength of the last strike. Her knees gave way, and she started to hang from her bound wrists.

“Free her,” Indra snapped at Caris.

Caris raced forward with her blade out. She hastily cut the rope but could hardly grab Octavia, who fell to the ground.

Lincoln hollered and started across the distance, but he pulled up short when Indra passed him.

Indra tucked the cat o’ nine into her belt and knelt down beside her former second. She carefully slid her arms around Octavia and lifted her up.

“Let us get her to my tent,” Nyko hastily ordered. He also had Lincoln join them.

Indra looked to Caris. “Gather their items and meet us at the healer’s tent.”

Caris nodded and hurried off to get Lincoln and Octavia’s clothes.

Lexa curiously watched Indra’s care for Octavia, who was drifting close to unconsciousness. She let out a low sigh and decided Octavia’s wounds needed more attention than her own right now. As Indra passed her, a guard came to her side.

“Heda, one from the Sky people has come to see you,” the guard informed in Trigedasleng.

Lexa inwardly groaned because she had hoped to rest before she joined in the celebration. She hated for her wounds to get infected, but duty was first. “Very well.” She followed the guard across the camp to the meeting tent. Outside of the tent, she spotted the person from the Sky people. It was Marcus Kane, and Lexa remembered him quite well.

“Hello, commander.” Marcus Kane respectfully inclined his head for a moment. Once the commander was close enough, he took note of her bloody and bruised features. He nearly asked what happened, but he knew it was hardly his place. “I came to speak with you.”

Lexa nodded and brushed past him. “Follow me.” She entered the meeting tent and went directly to the throne. For once, her throne offered more support than power because of her internal pain. Lexa sat upright in the throne and concealed her physical agony.

Marcus Kane gazed upon the young woman that ruled over the grounders. He remembered Abby’s words that a child was leading the grounders. Yet, as he stared up at her, he realized Lexa was hardly a child. Briefly, Marcus considered how many times Clarke Griffin stood before the commander as a leader of the Sky people.

“Why have you come?” Lexa prompted. Her eyes were calm, except for a hint of curiosity. She had upheld peace with the Sky people, for Clarke’s sake.

“To seek your permission,” Marcus started. It had been his idea, not Abby’s own. “We wish to enter Mount Weather and gather the bodies… to put them to rest.” He watched Lexa’s features for any emotions, but she gave nothing to him. “It is only right that they be buried.”

Lexa was quiet as she considered the Sky people’s intent with Mount Weather. She tilted her head, which allowed her dark eyes to bore into Marcus Kane. “I suppose you do not seek the technology held within Mount Weather.”

Marcus Kane held his ground and honestly stated, “No.” He locked eyes with her.

Lexa shifted in the seat and lifted her head. “I do not wish to stir another war with your people. However, nothing good has come of Mount Weather.”

Marcus released a low breath and shifted on his feet. “I understand.” He studied the commander, who truly personified her leadership as a grounder among the Earth. The throne was designed of interlocking tree branches and accented by spears from war. He suspected the commander could retrieve one in a blur and use it even faster, if necessary.

After a heavy breath, Marcus sincerely insisted, “We only wish to give those people rest… so we can all move on from what happened in Mount Weather.” He clenched his hands behind his back. “I don’t presume to know everything that has happened between your people and the Mountain Men. But…” He paused as his thoughts formed first. “I believe you understand the importance to bury the dead.”

Lexa studied Marcus Kane and judged his words. She placed her hands in her lap and briefly stiffened from the painful flare it caused her. “We do not bury… we burn so that the soul can be released to the heavens.” She tilted her head. “I will not allow you to bury all those people in our territory. We will not be reminded of them.”

Marcus nodded and recalled the handful of graves by the delinquents’ drop ship. He considered why the commander allowed those to remain there. It was best left unspoken so he refocused on the current conversation. “Then allow us to burn them.”

Lexa weighed Marcus Kane’s request. She wondered if the Mountain Men deserved such an honor. She knew Clarke would argue that there were innocent people among the dead that truly deserved such an honor. She considered if it was Clarke asking this of her whether she would grant it. She knew her answer so she finally gave a nod. “You may commit their bodies to the funeral pyre.”

Instantly relief washed over Marcus Kane. “Thank you,” he sincerely offered.

“My warriors will monitor your activities from afar,” Lexa continued, “To ensure that no technology is removed from Mount Weather.”

“None will,” Marcus swore.

Lexa believed him, but she hardly trusted the rest of the Sky people. “Very well. You may go freely, Marcus Kane.”

Marcus nodded, but his hesitation was clear. He had to ask, for Abby’s sake. “How is Clarke doing?” He watched for any hints from the commander’s face.

Lexa faintly narrowed her eyes as her mind processed what his question meant about Clarke. She smoothly replied, “She is resting.” Nothing else was forthcoming, not even a promise of Clarke’s return to Camp Jaha.

Marcus bit his lower lip and nodded before he mentioned, “Please tell her that her mother is asking for her.” He only received a nod from Lexa then he left the tent.

Lexa listened to Marcus’s departure and dropped her head against the back of the throne. She closed her eyes once she realized the lie that Clarke had spun around the Sky people and even her. Wherever Clarke was it was far from the Trikru territory by now. It also meant Clarke could face death, or worse.

Lexa lifted her head and peered down at her right side. She touched her leathers, which were damp with her own blood. “Skrish,” she cursed in Trigedasleng. She could wait for Nyko, but he would be far too busy with Octavia and Lincoln plus the injured from Mount Weather. Lexa was simply better off putting her dagger into the torch next to her throne and doing it herself. With that in mind, she unsheathed the dagger and placed the blade into the hot fire. Carefully, she removed her upper armor and shirt until she was bare other than her wrapped breasts.

Lexa retrieved the dagger, which was bright red. She sat half on the throne chair, with her right side pointed outward, and she brought the blade to her side in one quick motion. Lexa gritted her teeth against her flesh being burned together. Her senses were overwhelmed by the smell, but she was use to it. She then fell back into her throne with a relieved sigh. The hot dagger dangled from her fingertips.

For a moment, Lexa just wanted to rest before she joined the celebration. The other injuries could wait until this evening when she would steal away into her personal tent. She had to at least wash up so the blood was gone from her face. Her entire body pulsed with pain, but long ago Lexa had learned how to push past it.

Lexa remained quiet on the throne. Her thoughts were a constant stream as she considered Clarke’s whereabouts. It was obvious that Clarke wished to be alone, which was unusual because Clarke loved her people. Clarke made sacrifices for her people but each one disconnected Clarke further from life. Still, it was rather strange for Clarke to vanish without word unless she wished it. Such an attempt was highly possible since there had been a break in patrol.

Slowly, Lexa lifted her right arm and looked at the dagger blade, which was back to normal other than the dark blood dried on it. She turned it until the point came down against the armrest. Lexa spun the dagger between her fingers as she thought about Clarke’s disappearance. Lexa slotted her eyes at the dagger once Clarke’s actions reminded her greatly of sick animals. Often animals left their pack or group to find a secluded spot to die. A slightly bile rose in the back of Lexa’s throat.

Lexa tightened her grip on the dagger and stopped it from its constant spins. She lifted her head off the throne chair and studied her shirt and armor at the foot of her throne. She noted the tear in her favorite black shirt. Later she would have to sew it shut. Damn Earc. His fight was over though, due to his own treachery.

Lexa straightened up as her thoughts returned to Clarke. She had a few options when it came to Clarke, and she had to make the best decision. The first was to let Clarke go and hope she would resurface. Or, she could send out scouts to locate and force Clarke back to the territory. With a huff, Lexa knew exactly how Clarke would respond to such orders. Lexa’s last choice was to seek out Clarke herself, but she was also due in Polis soon. She had made a promise several moons ago and would keep it. Yet, she had made another promise to Clarke.

Carefully, the commander rose from her throne and ignored her throbbing muscles’ protest. She gathered her strength from her soul and went down the steps. She sheathed her dagger then started putting her clothes on now that her wound was sealed shut. Lexa pulled her black shirt over her bruised and bloody body.

As she put on her armor, Lexa thought out her plans that would set into motion tonight. She was known for clever war strategies and this was hardly different. “We will meet again, Klark,” she softly vowed.

Beyond the meeting tent, the celebration had started with a combination of food, mead, music, and dancing. Many warriors cheered when their commander joined them. Tales of all sorts about Mount Weather carried through the camp. Sometime after sunset, Lexa finally located Indra, who sat with at a campfire with other warriors. Lexa stood far from the campfire, but her eyes locked on Indra. After a bit, Indra excused herself and went to her commander’s side.

“How is Octavia?” Lexa softly inquired.

Indra nodded and answered, “She is resting… at the healer’s tent.” She was tempted to ask the commander about her wellbeing, but she decided it was better to let it go. “Anya would have been proud today.”

Lexa folded her arms and thought about her mentor. “She would have struck me.”

Indra smiled, wickedly. “Yes.” She leaned closer. “Only to remind you of your own foolishness.”

Lexa bit her bottom lip but argued, “Yet, she gave Klark her braid.” The moment she received it from Clarke, she understood Anya’s unspoken advice to trust Clarke of the Sky people.

“To form an alliance, not a relationship,” Indra argued.

“Is a relationship not an alliance, Indra?”

Indra shook her head. “Not that kind you were forming with the Sky leader.”

Lexa held her silence as she considered Indra’s opinion on the matter. It firmed her plans that she had worked out earlier. She peered up at Indra and mentioned, “Tomorrow I will leave for Polis.”

Indra formed a furrow across her brow. “You are not due there for several more days.”

“I know.” Lexa refused to explain herself.

“I will organize a guard then.”

Lexa shook her head. “Do not bother. I will do that myself.” She turned to Indra. “You will meet me in Polis later.”

Indra knew it was for security purposes. “I will bring a hundred.”

“Do not be a day early or a day late, Indra.”

Indra understood her orders. “Sha, Heda.”

Lexa broke away but offered, “Enjoy your night.” She disappeared among the warriors.

Indra curiously watched the commander until she was gone. She considered why Lexa wished to leave early for Polis, but it would still be awhile before the twelve clans dispersed from the Trikru territory.

Lexa mingled with her people and listened to various stories. Often times she was offered food, which she enjoyed each time. Only once she drank some mead and helped dull her pain. Eventually Lexa arrived at her destination and slipped into the healer’s hut.

Nyko bowed to his leader. “Heda.”

Lexa cut her eyes from Octavia and Lincoln to Nyko. “Go enjoy the celebration for awhile.” She was pleased that nobody else was in the healer’s tent besides Lincoln and Octavia.

Nyko understood the orders and quietly left the tent.

Lexa approached Octavia, who rested on a cot. Next to the bed, Lincoln sat in a chair and held Octavia’s hand.

“Heda,” Lincoln greeted. He began to rise until the commander’s firm hand pressed down on his shoulder.

Octavia attempted to sit up, but the commander’s heavy voice made her stop.

“Rest, Octavia.” Lexa folded her arms. “You will need your strength soon.”

Lincoln gazed up with hooded eyes. He sensed the commander wanted something.

Octavia could cut the tension in the air, and she looked between her lover and her commander. She cleared her throat and hoarsely asked, “What’s going on?”

“Tomorrow we leave,” Lexa stated.

“What?” Octavia struggled to sit up this time and brushed off Lincoln’s hand. “To where?”

Lexa hesitated but honestly answered, “I am not sure yet.” She glanced at Lincoln, who coolly regarded her. She sighed heavily. “Klark is gone, and we are going to find her.”

Octavia was confused and shook her head. “She’s at the drop ship.”

“Caris searched the ship and surrounding area. She is not there,” Lexa informed.

Octavia was taken aback because it meant her brother lied to her. “Bellamy said…” She gave a low growl.

“You will have a chance to find out why he lied,” Lexa promised. She first wanted to go to Camp Jaha and find out if Bellamy knew Clarke’s whereabouts. It was most likely wishful thinking, but it was the best starting point.

“What time do we leave?” Lincoln inquired.

“Early afternoon.”

Lincoln nodded and peered over at his lover. He hoped Octavia was well enough to travel. He suspected she would travel regardless of her pain.

“Rest until then,” Lexa advised. “And do not speak of our pending journey.” She then left the tent without another word.

Octavia grinded her teeth and lowered onto her side again. “Why the Hell do we have to search for Clarke? If she’s gone then she left for a reason.”

“It is dangerous out there,” Lincoln reminded. He studied Octavia’s brooding features. “You are still angry with her.” Dark eyes lifted to him. “She and Lexa did what was best for all our people.”

“A lot of people died in Tondc and in Mount Weather.”

Lincoln leaned in closer and whispered, “Could you have made a better choice?” He received no response but further tempted, “Would you have traded your brother’s life for those of Tondc?”

Octavia had a lump rise in her throat. She lowered her head onto the cot and placed a hand on Lincoln’s thigh.

Lincoln moved his hand over hers and softly suggested, “Sleep, Octavia.”

Octavia closed her eyes, and it was easy to drift off due to Nyko’s herbal drink that she had taken a minute before Lexa came into the tent. She never heard Nyko return or noticed Lincoln’s movements. The next day came quickly and by the afternoon, she and Lincoln were mounting horses.

Nyko had given them a supply of salve and bandages for their wounds that still bled at times. He instructed them on how to use it and insisted that they keep their wounds covered and clean so that an infection stayed away. It was obvious he was displeased that Octavia and Lincoln were traveling so soon, but he could do nothing about it. Besides, the commander was traveling with her own injuries that she left unchecked.

Indra had seen to the supplies for the small party. It was too small of a party, in Indra’s opinion. Not to mention everybody in the party was nursing injuries. Indra had a half a mind to send a second party behind the commander for her own good. Yet, she knew the commander’s wrath if she did so. She simply saw the commander, Octavia, and Lincoln off on their journey to Polis.

Once away from the camp, the commander pushed their horses into a gallop towards Camp Jaha. The ride went quickly, and they made it to the outskirts of Camp Jaha a couple of candlemarks before sunset. Everybody dismounted and allowed their horses a break.

“Octavia,” Lexa called. She stood beside a tree at the clearing’s edge. She stared across the field at Camp Jaha.

Octavia came to her leader’s side. “Sha, Heda?”

Lexa kept her eyes trained on the Sky people’s camp. “Find your brother and find out about Klark.”

Octavia nodded and started towards the camp.

“Be sure nobody overhears you,” Lexa called to Octavia.

Octavia waved her hand in the air so that she confirmed her understanding. She walked across the field and approached the sealed gates.

Lincoln drank from his water skin then held it out to the commander.

Lexa took it and enjoyed the cool water against her dry throat. She recorked it and returned it to Lincoln. She continued leaning against the tree and watched Octavia enter the camp. “You have chosen a very headstrong partner.”

Lincoln stood beside the commander, but he watched Octavia go into the camp after the gates were opened to her. He sighed and peered over at Lexa. He nearly reciprocated Lexa’s words, except he knew she would be displeased with him. He was hardly a fool and understood why he and Octavia were chosen to help Lexa find Clarke.

“I did not choose her,” Lincoln finally replied.

Lexa looked at him and narrowed her eyes at his words.

“Nor did she choose me,” Lincoln added. He looked back at Camp Jaha. “We were fated.”

Lexa heard Lincoln’s whisper, and she remained quiet. She straightened up when Octavia came out of Camp Jaha.

Lincoln stowed his water skin and looked at Octavia as she rejoined them.

“Bellamy is at the drop ship,” Octavia explained. “He went there this morning.”

Lexa ordered them to mount up. She turned her horse towards the woods and led them to the drop ship. They travelled as fast as possible even though the woods made it difficult at times. It was long after dark before they made it to the drop ship and a fire caught their noses.

Octavia considered how Lexa knew the location of the drop ship, but she imagined the commander knew everything about her territory. She let out a low sigh at the pending fight with her brother.

Lexa signaled for them to dismount, and they walked the rest of the way to the drop ship.

Octavia took her commander’s side because she worried about Bellamy’s reaction. She saw the campfire near the open mouth of the forgotten drop ship. It had been so long since she had seen the drop ship. “Bell?” she called. He had to be nearby.


Octavia pivoted and saw her brother come out from the woods. She released the horse’s reins.

Bellamy’s slight happiness to see his sister was dampened by the commander’s presence, and even Lincoln. “What’s going on?”

“We’re looking for Clarke,” Octavia replied.

Bellamy lifted his hand with his thumb pointed over his shoulder. “She just-”

“Don’t lie,” Octavia cut off. She approached her brother.

Lexa remained passive even though an angry fire started in her chest. She wanted the truth, and she allowed Octavia to find it.

“She’s gone,” Octavia stated.

Bellamy looked from Octavia to Lexa and Lincoln before he focused on his sister again. His lips slightly parted, and he tried, “Octa-”

“Where’d she go?” Octavia demanded.

Bellamy sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know.” He dropped his hand to his thigh. “She left days ago.”

“How long ago?” Lexa asked this time. She neared Octavia but her eyes cut into Bellamy.

For a few seconds, Bellamy wracked his mind and answered, “Three… maybe four days ago.” He snapped his fingers and pointed at Octavia. “The day we returned to Camp Jaha.”

Octavia sighed and looked at Lexa. “That was almost three days ago.”

“She has a big lead on us,” Lincoln concluded.

“But she is on foot,” Lexa reminded. Her dark eyes bore into Bellamy. “You were stupid to let her go.”

Bellamy grew wide eye and held out a hand at the commander. “Have you ever tried stopping her when she has her mind set on something?” He dropped her hand and snidely asked, “How’d that work out for you?”

Lexa slotted her eyes then turned on her heels. She forced herself to put distance between them before she incited another war with the Sky people.

“It’s your damn fault anyway,” Bellamy yelled at the commander.

Lexa was halfway to her horse, and she paused.

“If you had honored your alliance and stuck to the plans, she wouldn’t have to kill those people in Mount Weather. Instead you fucking stabbed her in the back with your deal.” Bellamy watched how Lexa’s shoulder tensed up. “You think you saved her any grief by pulling that lever yourself?” He watched as the commander faced him again. He shook his head and stated, “You’re the reason those innocent people died and why Clarke carries that weight.”

Lexa had removed her dagger and quickly came up to Bellamy. She pressed the blade to his throat before he could get his handgun.

“Heda,” Octavia called, but she made no move towards them.

“Go ahead,” Bellamy taunted. “Start another war.”

Lexa gritted her teeth and whispered, “If she has killed herself…” She watched how her words sunk into Bellamy’s head. He now truly understood why Clarke had left her people.

“I will hold you responsible.” Lexa inched the blade up, and it tore into his skin. “Jus drein jus daun,” she swore then was suddenly gone.

Bellamy reached for his handgun until a sword tip was pointed at him. His fingers grazed the cold steel at his waist, but his eyes were locked on Octavia.

“Just… don’t,” Octavia advised. She only lowered her sword after he moved his hand away from the gun.

Lexa silently thanked Octavia and continued to the horse. She mounted Star Gazer then ordered the others to do the same. Briefly, she looked at the drop ship that had brought Clarke from the sky to the ground. Lexa tore her eyes off it and tapped the horse’s sides

Octavia went to her horse and finally sheathed her blade. She climbed into the saddle and adjusted the reins in her hand. “Next time, don’t lie to me.” She hated being lied to, especially by her brother.

Bellamy had his hands on his hips. He was upset to see his sister leave and mad at him. “Octavia,” he called.

Octavia halted her horse and looked to him. She heard Lexa and Lincoln continue at a slow pace.

Bellamy approached the horse and retrieved something from his jacket pocket. “I found these in the drop ship.” He held up the item to his sister.

Octavia leaned over and retrieved the deck of cards that she and Bellamy used all the time. Her heart tightened at the memories connected to them. “Bellamy…” She focused on his softened features.

“I’m sorry, O.” Bellamy bit his lip then softly added, “She went east.”

Octavia nodded and put the cards into her own jacket pocket. “Thank you.” She tapped her horse’s sides. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Be safe, little sister.” Bellamy stood on the edge of the campfire’s light. He watched his sister depart with the two grounders. He was now sure that the commander had more than an alliance with Clarke. Despite his anger, Bellamy hoped the commander could find Clarke Griffin.

Octavia caught up to the commander and Lincoln. “She went east,” she revealed to Lexa.

“Do we travel through the night?” Lincoln asked.

“If we are to catch up with her.” Octavia shifted in the saddle.

“Klark will not travel at night.”

“We need to find her trail,” Lincoln suggested.

Octavia looked to the quiet commander and waited to hear their official plans.

“We travel east,” Lexa started. “At dawn, we search for her trail.” She ducked her head under a branch. “If she is like any Sky person, she has unwittingly left an easy trail behind.”

Lincoln softly grunted his agreement. “Sky people are not always the brightest fires in the camp.”

“Hey!” Octavia attempted to swat her lover, but her back flared up in response. She hissed and noted Lincoln’s concerned look. She reminded, “And who took down Mount Weather?”

“Luck,” Lincoln muttered. Yet, it was anything but luck.

Octavia huffed and let the argument pass. She gazed at their commander, who seemed to ignore their argument. She suspected just the mention of Mount Weather stirred the commander’s anger. She wished Bellamy had kept his mouth shut. She also considered why her brother had hid the truth about Clarke’s departure from Camp Jaha. Octavia suspected he wished to respect Clarke’s wishes to be alone. It could also mean Clarke’s life, worse yet by her own hands than that of a stranger. Octavia knew Lincoln was right that she still harbored anger towards Clarke, but she hardly wished Clarke to be dead or worse. Everything was so damn screwed up.

Octavia knew that Lexa had selected her and Lincoln because they were the only two, among the grounders and Sky people, that would sympathize with Lexa and Clarke. Octavia was from the sky and Lincoln from the ground, and they had forged a relationship despite their pasts. They would easily understand and support Lexa’s continued attempt to do the same with Clarke. However, Octavia was hardly about to bring it up, at least with Lexa. Instead, she and Lincoln continued following their commander towards the east to find the only person that could stand toe-to-toe with the commander.

To be continued.

Trigedasleng to English

Nain. – Nine.

Skrish. – Shit.

Jus drein jus daun. – Blood must have blood.