The 100 | Series One

Star Gazer
Summary: A prequel to Hedatu that is set between the episodes Remember Me and Survival of the Fittest, before the arrival of the twelve clans. Clarke has agreed to take a riding lesson. Unexpectedly, her teacher turns out to be the commander herself.
Stats: Story #1. Canon. Femslash. Clarke/Lexa. 10,803 Words. Complete.

Summary: With Lexa’s unexpected help, Clarke defeats the Mountain Men & saves her people, at a heavy price. After the extermination, Clarke cannot forgive herself & leaves her people. After learning about Clarke’s disappearance, Lexa searches for Clarke, but it’s Clarke that must find herself again, with Lexa’s help.
Stats: Story #2. Canon Divergence. Femslash. Clarke/Lexa. +300k Words. Incomplete.
Chapters: Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

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