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Notice: There may be mild violence and mature sexual content.

Summary: It has been two weeks since the minotaur attacked Leesburg. Supergirl is concerned about why he came to Leesburg, how he knew her secret, and when he will return. As she waits to learn more, she discovers a local gang called the Red Branch, which has Kallan’s cousins as members.

Started: October 29, 2013

Series 1: Down to Earth, Story #3

The Morrίgan
by Red Hope


“Right this way,” he instructed the young woman. He glanced over his shoulder and checked that she was still on his heels. “Miss Prince is usually in a meeting at this time, but she said she was waiting for you.” He tried guessing why the CEO was waiting for such a scrap of a girl.

“Thank you,” she replied, kindly. She shifted her attention past him and noted the open, wood doors to a large office.

“Right inside, Miss Danvers.” Fred held out his hand to the office and waited until she passed before he took his leave.

Linda Danvers studied the impressive interior of the office and thought it was out of place for somebody like Diana Prince. She had yet to learn exactly what the corporation did and sold.

“Linda,” Diana warmly greeted. She popped up from her seat behind the desk. She stood well over six feet in her heels and towered over Linda Danvers.

Linda admired the older woman’s white suit, black blouse, and matching heels. “It’s good to see you, Diana.” She was surprised by a warm hug and gratefully took it.

“How have things been?” Diana went to the doors and closed them so nobody intruded upon them.

“Challenging,” Linda admitted. Diana guided her to a sofa, and they sat beside each other.

“You know you can call,” Diana reminded.

Linda dipped her head in acknowledgement. She was thankfully that Diana was so willing to help her. “It’s less challenges as Supergirl and more as Linda Danvers.” Her attention was briefly drawn to Diana’s silver bracelets that poked past the blouse’s cuffs.

Diana gave a low grin and rested into the sofa. “I understand.” She crossed her legs and considered the young woman’s troubles. “It was a challenge for me when I left Paradise Island to come to Man’s World.” She became solemn as she thought about home with her sisters and mother. “I do not pretend to have all the answers.”

“That’s not in Wonder Woman’s description?” Linda gently teased.

“Is it in Supergirl’s?” Diana bantered.

Linda chuckled and finally relaxed too.

“What brought you out here to D.C?” Diana encouraged.

Linda ran her fingers through her brown locks. “I had an interesting… creature arrive in Leesburg.” She could tell she had peeked Diana’s interests. “One you should be familiar with.”

“A minotaur,” Diana recalled. She had seen a few glimpses on television last week. She frowned and honestly offered, “I am sorry, Linda. I should have contacted you about this.”

“It’s okay,” Linda assured. “He hasn’t showed up again.”

“But you are still concerned.” Diana read the concern in Linda’s blue eyes. “You would have not come out here otherwise.”

“How many times have you seen a minotaur in your thousands of years?”

Diana bit her bottom lip and admitted, “Perhaps two or three times.”

Linda rubbed her brow and muttered, “I was afraid of that.” She sighed and dropped her hand to her lap. “He wanted me to change forms.”

Slowly Diana’s eyes slotted after it registered what Linda was telling her. “He knows.”

“I have not told anybody beyond our circles.” Again, the concern etched across Linda’s features. “How does some minotaur know this and why?”

Diana also ran her fingers through her midnight hair and considered it.

“Do you know where he came from?”

Diana lowered her stare to her lap. She was slightly frustrated that she had little to offer. “Perhaps.” She worried what could have happened at Themyscira.

“You know,” Linda whispered. “Don’t you?”

Diana focused on the young woman. “I have an idea what may have happened.” She tilted her head and asked, “Did he say anything else?”

“Not really,” Linda answered. “But he did have some kind of green gem that he smashed, and it transported him away.”

Diana nodded a few times. “I have an idea what may have happened then.” She could tell Linda was waiting for her to explain. “My home, Themyscira, was built as a gateway city. We are guardians to Doom’s Doorway.”

“That sounds charming.” Linda shook her head. “And nothing like Paradise to me.”

Diana sadly smiled yet went serious again. “We keep monsters from escaping Doom. However, it is not entirely impossible for a few to slip out.” She pursed her lips in thought. “Especially with a little help.”

“What kind of help?” Linda was becoming more concerned by the second.

“Sorcery, most likely.”

Linda sighed, heavily and rubbed her brow. If she were strictly human then she would have a headache by now. “If this is what’s happening then why am I being targeted?” She raised an eyebrow at Diana. “Why not you since you’re from Themyscira?”

Diana shook her head. “I am not sure.” She felt guilty for the trouble that Linda was facing with the minotaur, who was most likely not done. She considered what she could do and nodded once. “I will contact my mother.”

A skeptic look came over Linda. “What can she do?”

Diana gave a soft grin. “My mother is the queen… Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira.”

“Oh.” Linda quickly realized what Diana meant now.

“She will be able to tell me whether or not this minotaur is possibly from Doom.”

“Alright,” Linda softly agreed. She was glad for the help after being empty handed for days. She stared at her knees, hesitant to go.

Diana covered her hand over Linda’s in a tender expression of concern. “Something else is on your mind.”

Linda was startled and peered up at the older woman, who seemed to read her well. “How do you…”

Diana chuckled and explained, “After being alive for so long, people are easy to understand without words.” She withdrew her hand.

“I guess so,” Linda admitted. She sighed and considered her most recent development. “I have a… fanclub member.”

Diana was baffled and hoped for a better explanation.

“I go to college,” Linda reminded. After Diana’s nod, she continued into her personal dilemma. “A classmate of mine really has a thing for Supergirl.”

“I see.” Diana withheld a laugh, but her grin appeared anyway.

Linda stayed serious though because it was worrisome now. “Kallan has a knack for getting in trouble.” Her voice grew deeper with emotions. “She was nearly decapitated by the minotaur.”

“You care for her,” Diana softly stated. She considered this because she once recalled her relationship with Steve Trevor from so long ago. “It is a difficult position.” Diana withdrew from her own memories. “Does she know you are Supergirl?”

“No,” Linda adamantly replied.

“Do you plan to tell her?”

Linda was shaken by Diana’s possible thought process that Kallan Thompson should know her true nature and history. “I’m avoiding it as best as possible.” She shifted against the sofa and hurriedly explained, “I don’t know how to keep her safe when she puts herself in harm’s way.” She paused and quietly added, “I do care for her… and I don’t know what to do about it.”

Diana weighed it carefully and decided what she thought was the best course for Linda’s friend. She first admitted, “I do not have extensive, personal experience with such… fans.” She and Linda sadly traded a smile. However, Diana shifted to her idea and offered, “Perhaps the best choice would be to train her.”

“To train her?” Linda asked with slight awe in her tone.

“Yes, train her to fight and protect herself.”

Linda slowly shook her head. “I don’t think that’s the best option.” She became distraught and argued, “If she picks up a gun or any weapon then she will be a target.”

“We are super heroes,” Diana reminded, “But none of us can be in two places at once.”

Linda stared at Diana Prince, who was known to the world as Wonder Woman. It was no secret that Wonder Woman was the finest warrior.

“If you cannot be there then she has a chance at protecting herself,” Diana reasoned. She sensed Linda Danver’s uneasiness so she gently added, “It is something to consider.”

Linda set aside her fears and focused on Diana. She nodded once and abruptly stood up.

Diana did the same and faced her friend. She wanted to offer support in training Linda’s friend, Kallan, but it was better left unsaid for now.

“I should head back,” Linda mentioned. She smiled at Diana. “Thank you for spending time with me.”

“Of course, Linda.” Diana returned the smile. “I am always available to you.” She went more serious. “If this minotaur returns, contact me… please. I am not far away.”

Linda nodded and accepted the kind offer. “Hopefully it was a one-time deal.” But like Diana, she suspected it was not the case.

“Let me show you the back way out,” Diana mentioned. “You can return this way too.” She guided Linda out of the office and to the elevators.

“What exactly does Themyscira Incorporated do anyway?” Linda looked at Diana after the elevator started upwards.

“Hair care products,” Diana seriously replied.

Linda blinked once then curiously stared at her friend. “Hair… care products?” She refused to believe it, especially once Diana smirked at her.

“Advanced technology,” Diana admitted finally. “Your next smartphone, perhaps.”

Linda laughed and mentioned, “I don’t even own a cell phone.”

Diana was wide eye and made a mental note. It was no wonder anybody would have a hard time getting in touch with Linda Danvers. The elevator hitched and opened its doors for her. Diana stepped out first and took Linda to a nearby door that was sealed shut.

“This goes into a small room.” Diana stepped in front of the keypad that had a digital screen. “May I see your hand?” She requested after punching a few things into the keypad. “Place your hand flat against the screen.”

Linda was unsure, but she did so. She heard a low beep and pulled her hand off.

Diana hit a few more buttons. “One more time, please.”

Linda pressed her hand against the scanner and was surprised the door unlocked and slid open.

“I added you.” Diana entered the room, which was indeed small but had two closed closets and a bench in the middle. “It’s a changing room.” She then indicated the opening above their heads that had a gate across it. “If you push that bottom over there then it will open the gate and access door on the roof.” She looked at Linda. “You can fly out… or in without being seen.”

Linda softened at her friend’s consideration. “Thank you.”

“The system will recognize you from a distance when you’re flying in and will open.” Diana took a step closer to the door. “Come here anytime, Linda.”

Unsure what to say, Linda simply hugged her friend. “Thank you,” she sincerely whispered.

Diana smiled warmly and promised, “I will stay in touch.” She planned to find out more about the minotaur through her mother. A trip to Paradise Island was in order. “Be safe.” Then she was gone from the room.

Linda ran her fingers through her hair after Diana was gone. She curiously opened a door, which revealed the star spangled attire that Diana wore as Wonder Woman. She gave a low chuckle and closed the door. A glance at her watch told her it was getting late and class would be soon. Linda needed to hurry back to Leesburg.

Within seconds, Linda Danvers grew several inches taller, hair turned blond, and her cheekbones filled out. Her now well-defined muscles barely kept from pulling against the clothes’ seams.

Supergirl tapped the button that opened the overhead gate. She suspected it would close after she was gone. Using her telekinesis, she floated off the floor and neatly slipped through the overhead access. In seconds, she jetted through the lit tunnel and launched into the early afternoon sky. Leesburg waited for her only twenty minutes away from Washington D.C.

To be continued.