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Copyright: I do not own the Supergirl concept and certain characters but the plot is all mine.

Notice: There may be mild violence and mature sexual content.

Summary: It has only been a few weeks since the merge between Linda and Supergirl. Linda Danvers enters college and starts to meet some new friends. Along the way, Supergirl discovers something about herself that Linda has been keeping secret for years.

Started: April 23, 2003
Ended: July 23, 2006
Revised: April 17, 2007

Series 1: Down to Earth, Story #1

Supergirl in Linda’s Closet
by Red Hope


Sometimes, I can’t seem to get use to any of this and by this, I think I mean a life, a real life. More or less I was born in a lab, well part of me, and I’m not quite use to having parents. The Kents were family to me but not mother and father; not like Linda’s parents are to me.

“Yes, mom… I know.” I slightly sighed at my mom, and I could see my father staring at me with his dark eyes. I guess he still expects me to be like I use to be… or is that like what Linda use to be? I can never answer that question right.

“Dear, come here and help me with the carrots.”

I quickly listen to my mom, stand up from my chair at the dinner table, and come around the counter. When I’m beside her, she hands me a peeling knife along with several carrots. I quietly clean the carrots while listening to mom and dad idly chitchat.

“Linda, how has Mattie been? I’ve been meaning to ask you that.”

I glance at my mother and reply, “She’s been fine… rather busy I’d say. I haven’t really seen much of her lately.”

“No?” My mom turns her attention to me – away from the pot on the stove. “The hospital has been filled lately?”

“I suppose.” I shrug a bit. “I think a lot of people have been getting some kinda of fall flu.” I don’t say much more since lately I really haven’t been around the apartment. I’m always too busy playing Supergirl more than anything. “Carrots are done,” I announce to my mom. I pick them up and hand them to her then clean up the small mess I made. I rid myself of the knife as I ask my mom if she needs anymore help with the dinner. She says no, and I decide to sit back down in my usual spot at the dinner table.

I then hear my father turn a page in his newspaper; he’s busy reading the local headlines. I just silently sit here, thinking to myself on how I plan to ask my parents for… some help. They never expect me to ask for their help,however, here I am hoping they will. I honestly don’t know what to expect from them, but I am sure to find out soon enough.

“Okay, dinner is ready everybody.” Mom comes around and places our full plates in front of us.

Dad quickly closes up his newspaper and puts it on the floor.

Then we hold hands, and mom murmurs a few prays for us. I keep my head low; I never have been into religion but at the same time I still respect it. Afterwards, we begin to eat without much talking.

I start in with the chicken and after eating a few pieces of it, I decide to take a deep breath. “Mom, dad?”

Both my parents stop in the middle of their eating, and they peer up at me.

“May I ask you both about something?”

Dad raises his eyebrow at me because he’s suspicious about my approach on the unknown topic. But mom on the other hand lowers her fork and knife and takes me more seriously.

“What do you want to ask, honey?” my mom inquiries.

I lick my lips and ready myself for their reaction. “Well… I’ve been considering the idea of going back to college.” I bite the inside of my mouth. I just wait.

My father is the first to start. “Why, Linda?”

I give a low sigh then turn my attention to my father. “Because I know I made a mistake in dropping out of college.”

“What you think convinces us that you’ll stick to your schooling?” My father pauses for a moment then adds, “And why do you expect us to even pay for your schooling? You screwed up your chance.”

I close my eyes and bite back any harsh words. I’ve come to realize my temper never solves anything but just worsens the situations. “Dad, I made a mistake and I realize that now. I’m just asking for a second chance.”

Finally at that moment my mom spoke up. “Personally, I think its a wonderful idea.” She gazes down to my father and says, “Honey, we should-”

“No, I’m not wasting my money.” His expression is filled with anger.

“Linda should be-”

“Sylvia, she won’t-”

I suddenly cut in after deciding this isn’t getting anywhere. “Its fine, dad.” I half glare at him because I can’t help being upset that he won’t give me a second chance. “I’ll put myself through college.”

My father huffs and mutters, “I’d like to see that.”

I grind my teeth a little but repeat to myself, let mom talk to him, she’ll fix him. After taking a moment to calm down, I continue eating my meal.

For the rest of the dinner, we stay silent. At the end of dinner, I decide not to hang around and get into another fight. I thank my mom for dinner and inviting me. She mentions to me that she’ll talk to dad about the college issue. She has more confidence than me about him coming around and supporting my idea. I then say goodnight to my father then quickly leave the house.

With a fast pace, I head for home but as I think more about how my father never gives me a chance, the madder I become. Suddenly, my brisk walk turns into a run then I’m off into a super-run. I disappeared into a blur. My body shifts into a tall, striking blond that is so opposite of Linda Danvers. I fly high in the night sky with my regular clothes on me.

At that point, I’ve never felt more frustrated. I think mainly because I hate how my relationship with my parents has turned upside down, especially with my father. At one point, I could have cared less about them but ever since… we merged, I care more than anything for my parents. It’s more stressful trying to fix my relationship with family than fighting the bad guys.

As I keep flying over Leesburg, my temper calms down thanks to the brisk air. When I fly like this I am free from it all, and I feel empowered. Yet it’s short lived because I catch a yell for help, and that is always my calling. I land on the corner of a nearby building, and I scan the streets. The source of the yelling came from a young woman, who was being attacked by three guys. I raise an eyebrow at this and realize I can’t quite handle this as Supergirl because I’m out of uniform. But that’s okay because doing this as Linda Danvers can’t be too tricky.

Carefully and quietly, I leap into the dark side alley and morph back into Linda. Again, I hear the same woman yelling for the men to let go of her. I race around the corner of the alley onto the poorly lit street.

“Hey!” I call to the group, “Try me.”

The three men turn their attention to me and grin wildly at me after they realize I’m another female. I suspect they think they’re going to double their pleasure tonight.

“Looky, we got two now.” The middle guy then licks his lips. He’s holding the girl, who’s trying to rip free.

The two other men come towards me, I grin in excitement because I know they aren’t expecting much of a fight from me. As they near me, I slightly bend my knees and ready for them to jump on me. They do exactly that and topple me onto my back. I instantly rock my body upwards while pushing my legs up and throw the two men off me. And boy am I glad that I’ve been working out.

The two men finish their short flight and crash into a metal light post. They become tangled in one another and groan into unconsciousness. Two down and one to go.

I first spring back onto my feet and target the last guy. I can feel the fear flowing off of him. He, like his buddies, didn’t expect little me to be such a challenge.

The man takes a few steps back and pulls the woman with him. “Stay back,” he orders me. He grabs something shiny from his pocket, and I’m not surprised to see a knife. Of course the idiot has to put it to the woman’s neck. I hate these, but I may have an upper hand because the young woman doesn’t seem overly scared. I’m sure she’s shaking, yet I’ve seen far worse.

“Alright, ” I say then I takea step back myself. “You win.” I have to do something… but what? If I can distract him just long enough I can rush him and get the knife, but I need to morph. Just great. I think fast and convey the hostage that I need her help. I keep the guy busy by asking, “So what you want me to do?”

He glares at me. “Just wait there for a moment.” His eyes flicker to the two men near the light post.

I glance at them and realize they’re about to wake up any moment. I should have stayed as Supergirl. I look back to the girl and the man, and she suddenly moves her hands up. She grabs his right hand, with the knife, and starts pushing his arm away.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” he yells and punches her in the side of her stomach with his free hand.

That’s when I sprint and morph so that I become a blur. As soon as I approach them, I grab the knife from the man’s hand and break the blade in the palm of my hand. I can’t let the girl see my physical changes so I elbow her in the head enough to knock her unconscious. She begins to fall, I quickly catch her, and lay her against the building. Once I stand up, I turn to the guy, and I can’t describe the horrified look on his face. I think it’s close to seeing God for the first time.

I take a few steps to him, he’s frozen where he stands, but he falls flat on his butt. I’m stalk closer. I guess in his life he hasn’t seen too many people change forms. I lean down and twist my hand in his collar. I pick him up until his feet dangle in the air. I walk over to the other two men, who are now awake and stunned to see me.

“Stand up you two,” I growl.

They climb to their feet, and I grab them by their collars too. Then I walk into the dark alley away from the street. I have a few words with them before tossing them back onto the street. I stand there at the edge of the dark alley and watch them run away. After they’re gone, I shift back into Linda Danvers.

“Hey, you alright?” I whisper while kneeling beside the girl. I study her for a moment; she’s rather short about my height and has short, blond hair that’s long strands. She seems rather well built, but her facial expression is rather gentle and femme. And then when she finally opens her eyes, I can see they’re soft, swirling amber.

“God,” she mumbles while touching her forehead. “What happened?” She then looks back up at me. “Not that I don’t know just… I mean how’d I get knocked out?”

I smile at her warmly. “Somehow you got knocked unconscious. I caught you in time.” And she seems to accept the explanation from me. “So what are you doing out here in this part of town?”

“Well I wasn’t exactly planning to stick around,” she starts, “I was driving through here as a shortcut. I usually don’t but I had to because my car ran out of fuel. I was kinda hopin’ she wouldn’t run out but…”

“Mmmm.” I nod and stand up. I help her up onto her feet.

“I’m sorry.” The young woman shakes her head before asking, “What’s your name?” She’s slightly brushing some dirt off her pants.

“I’m Linda… Linda Danvers.” She stiffens up after my introduction, and she just sands there staring at me in awe. “What’s wrong?”

She shakes her head yet again. “God… this has been a hell of a night. I heard about you in the papers from a couple of weeks ago.” She plays with her goldenhair. “You were supposedly killed by some cult or somethin’ but then you came back from the dead.”

I’m quite amused and softly laugh. “Not exactly. I was almost killed… I was just lucky enough to make it out.”

The young woman cocks her head then challenges, “Supergirl saved you, right?” She watches my nod then mentions,”I’ve heard things about that cult.”

“Mmm,” I simply agree. My mind bubbles with a few memories from that night. I quickly shake them away, returning my attention to…. what’s her name? “I didn’t catch your name?”

“Oh I’m sorry.” She laughs quietly. “I’m Kallan Thompson.” She politely holds out her hand.

I flash a smile, shake hands, and fold my arms after the shake. I rock on my feet and question, “So you need gas for your car huh?”

“Yeah… I’m pretty sure there’s a gas station about ten minutes down here.”

“I think you’re right.” I turn towards the direction of the gas station. “Well, we better get down there.”

Kallan smiles at my offer to go with her. So together we walk down the dark streets in hopes this gas station isn’t far off. At first neither of us have much to say, but I know that won’t last since… well I’m a newspaper article to Kallan right now.

“So… I heard you like sculpting….?”

Bingo! “Yeah I have for quite sometime.”

“How do you do it?” Kallan suddenly puts her full attention on me. “I mean, go about creating the sculpture?”

“Well… first you figure out obviously what your subject or subjects are going to be.” I press my lips together in thought but continue my explanation. “I then draw the sculpture onto paper.”

“You do the drawing from your head… your imagination?”

I move my head in agreement. “I never really use anybody else’s ideas. I usually draw from all sides.” I bring up my hands demonstrating what I mean. “The front, the back then both of the sides.”

“So the drawings are like your blueprints?”

“Pretty much.” I laugh a little at myself at a second thought. “Although sometimes the sculpture doesn’t come out exactly as my drawings. I make some modifications as I go because… well a better idea comes to mind.”

Kallan even laughs at my words. She smiles first then asks, “Do you ever keep your drawings?”

“Yeah, I normally do.”

“So how do you sculpt the… clay? Do you use that spinning thing?”

I grin at her. “No, I don’t use the wheel that’s more for throwing bowls or vases, anything round really.” I take a deep breath and continue with the little lesson. “I just use my hands and some tools. Once I have the sculpture complete then I fire it in a kiln.”

“How long can it take you to sculpt something?”

I shrug. “It can take me a day to a month. It just depends on my mood, time, and how hard the sculpture is.” I glance at her and add, “Sometimes I do paint them, forgot to mention that part.”

“Huh,” she mutters. “That’s pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to take some kind of ceramics class.” She thinks about it some more. “I’ll have to do that actually. The only problem I have is I can’t-”

“Draw?” I cut her off as a grin develops on my lips.

“Oh it’s not so much the drawing part… I can do that it’s just… well I’m more of a copy machine.”

I raise an eyebrow at her, not quite understanding what she meant by that.

She giggles at my expression but explains, “I can’t really draw from my imagination. I have to see the drawing in front of me to actually draw it… I can copy.”

“Oooh… well then you might wanna take a drawing class first,” I tease.

“Thanks,” she deadpans to me.

We both then look away from each other and see the gas station ahead.

“Hey there it is,” she declares happily. “Thank god too.”

We quickly make our way to the gas station and go inside and find an older man working tonight. We approach him in front of the counter.

“Excuse me, sir,” I begin, “can we burrow a cherry jug?”

The older man grins knowing what most likely happened. “Car run out huh?”

Kallan sighs but is smiling at the same time. “Yeah unfortunately I did.”

“Hold on a sec.” The older man runs into the back of the store. Within a minute, he returns with a one and half gallon cherry jug for us. “I imagine you’ll both be back to fuel up the car completely?”

Kallan nods. “Definitely.”

“Go ahead and fill the jug up and pay when you get back here.”

“Thank you very much.” Kallan takes the jug from the man, and we both leave the store. We go to one of the gas pumps and fill up the jug. Afterwards, we continue our journey down to wherever Kallan’s car is located.

I catch sight of Kallan struggling with the jug; even I know a gallon and half after a while can weigh a bit. “Here, I can take care of it.”

“No, it’s okay.” Kallan’s right hand goes white at the knuckles as she holds it.

“Kallan, I can handle it.”

“Oh I know that… its just you’ve done plenty for me as it is.”

I chew on the inside of the lower lip and decide to help anyway. I reach down and grab the jug out of her hand then switch it to my right hand so it’s not between us.


“I got it,” I imply.

She grumbles but at the same time I can tell she’s relieved she doesn’t have to carry it.

“How much further to your car?”

“I imagine not much further.” She looks to her watch, and she gets a worried look suddenly. “I gotta get home soon. My parents will kill me.”

“I’m sure if you explain what happened they won’t kill yah.” I emphasis my point with an arched eyebrow.

Kallan gives me a funny look. “You don’t know my parents.”

“True,” I admit.

“There she is.” Kallan points down the street, and I can see a red Honda Civic.

“Nice car.”

Kallan smiles at me. “Thanks… it was a high school graduation present.”

I nod a few times. “Not bad.” I can’t say I received that much on my high school graduation. Shoot I don’t even have a car to begin with but then again, flying is a little faster.

“Shit,” Kallan mutters as she approaches her car.

“What’s wrong?” I come up beside her and try to figure out what’s happened. There’s a rather large dent in her drive side door.

“Some fuckin’ idiot did this,” she grumbles. “Probably one of those guys from earlier.”

I doubted that myself because they were pretty… shaken up after I had a little chit-chat with them. “It can be fixed,” I remind her. “I’ll put this fuel in.”

“Hold on, you can’t open the gas door without the car being unlocked.” I hear her fishing around in her pockets for the keys. While she’s unlocking the car, I unscrew the cap on the jug and pull out the long funnel neck then screw it into place.

“There you go,” she calls to me while coming around the car.

I open the gas door and take off the tank cap. I carefully lift the jug and tilt it so that the fuel pours directly into the tank. After I finish, I put the funnel back inside and screw the cap back on tightly. “All done.”

“Thank you.”

I smile faintly at Kallan before handing her the cherry jug. “Think you’ll be alright from here?”

She starts to nod but stops suddenly. “Wait, where are you going?”

“I gotta head home myself.”

“Linda.” She grabs my arm and continues saying; “I can at least drive you home. You save me from those guys, walk me to the station… put the fuel in. Even let me bother you about sculpting.”

I give a silly grin to her. “It’s not a big deal.” I gesture to my right. “The bus station isn’t too far off.” Not that I would even consider going on a bus.

“I don’t care. You’re comin’ with me,” she orders, “Get in the car.”

My mouth slightly hangs open as I watch her go around the car to the driver’s side. Alright then, I guess no doesn’t work for her. An amusing smile crosses my lips as I decide not to argue and climb into her car. We take off for the gas station first. Kallan fills up her car, returns the cherry jug, and then we’re heading through the last bit of the bad section of town.

“Where do you live?” she finally ends the silence.

“On the west side… near the plaza.”

“Gotcha,” Kallan murmurs. She drives onto the ramp, and she takes the main highway of Leesburg. It doesn’t take us that long to reach the exit for the Leesburg Plaza.

I glance to her and instruct, “Take a right at the light and go for about… half a mile.”

She simply nods and follows my directions. “Are you there at the Lee Heights Apartments?”

“Yeah that’s me.” I point to my left. “If you take that street it’ll lead you to a back parking lot.”

Kallan quickly changes lanes then gets into the left turning lane. The light sits on red for a moment then turns green, and she whips around the turn. Her car enters the parking lot slowly, and she stops her car.

“Thanks for the ride, Kallan.”

Kallan smiles at me warmly. “Hey thanks for savin’ my butt.”

“Anytime.” I wink at her and display a grin. I open the door, climb out, and hang my head low. “Be more careful for now on. I’ll see yah.”

She laughs lightly. “I plan on it. Thanks again. I’ll catch yah later.”

I say, “Bye,” then shut the door. I spun on my feet and stroll to the apartment entrance. Once I reach the glass door, I stop, turn my head sidelong, and watch Kallan drive off. I shake my head a little while grinning to myself. After I get inside the apartment, I flip the light switch and scan the quiet apartment.

“Hmmm… Mattie isn’t home yet.” And that figures because she’s never home until about two in the morning. She’s been getting one too many late night shifts.

I approach the kitchen, and I already spot today’s mail that Mattie most likely picked up. I quickly thumb through it and discover the letter I have been waiting to receive. I do not waste another beat and tear it open. I carefully read over the letter, which causes a smile to creep over my lips.

“I’m accepted,” I murmur happily. “I can’t believe it.” I gingerly fold up the acceptance letter then tuck it away in the envelope. “A full scholarship even.”

I stroll into my dark room, and I can feel the bounce to my walk. I am giddy. I laugh at myself yet this is exactly what I wanted… what I have needed. I hold up the letter and study the college’s local address. I can feel my silly grin, but I place the letter on my computer desk. I need to sleep so I get ready for bed and it is not long before I’m crawling under the cool sheets.

Yeah, that acceptance letter just made my month worth wild. Now I just need to keep my priorities straight enough so that I can get educated, keep the scholarship, and graduate. Well, I am Supergirl, and I can handle anything.


To be continued.