Disclaimer & Notices: See Prologue.

Supergirl in Linda’s Closet
by Red Hope

Epilogue: Who is in the closet?

Supergirl silently slips into her bedroom through the window. She never thought she could be tired but tonight she certainly is. She summarizes that her human side must be kicking in. She takes a small breather then figures it is best to get ready for bed. For the first time, she looks at her watch on her wrist and sees it is almost eleven. She needs rest because tomorrow she plans to job hunt.

Supergirl walks over to her closet and spread the hanging clothes open so she can get to the shelves behind. She carefully picks out her sleepwear for the night, something loose, comfortable, and very soft. Just as she is about the readjust the hanging clothes, something odd catches her eye.

“Hmmm,” Supergirl mutters. She pulls out the brightly colored box from the lower shelf then sits on the foot of her bed. After she deposits the clothes onto her bed, she settles the box into her lap and pulls the cover off.

Supergirl tries to run through her memories of what this box contains but nothing comes forth. She starts to weed through everything and most of it happens to be letters or cards. Near the bottom, she comes across an envelope of photos and she removes them.

Supergirl slowly flips through the photos and her memories are slowly surfacing. There were pictures of her or rather Linda and some blue-eyed blond beauty together. The photos were taken at various spots but they were of them either together or just of the other woman.

“Sam,” she whispers as her fingertips graze over the single profile photo of Sam. She then flips to the next photo and the next one causes her to straighten up in shock. “My god….”

Supergirl stares blankly at the photo but memories from a forgotten past fills her. Linda and Sam’s relationship flood Supergirl’s mind, and she loses grip of the photos. The photos slide off and scatter across the floor, except for the one still in Supergirl’s long fingers.

Gradually Supergirl’s steel blue eyes focus back on the photo of Linda and Sam kissing. She runs her fingertips across Sam’s face before she gazes over her legs and down at the spilled photos. Her eyes search over the photos, and she absorbs all the romantic photos of Linda and Sam from so long ago.

Supergirl clears her throat some and runs her hand through her long blond hair. She again stares at the photos of Linda and Sam kissing. It is beyond her belief because she never realized women could… be together. It is something beyond her knowledge yet as Linda’s memories bubble up she understands so much now. It now explains to her why she felt such an attraction towards Wonder Woman when she did not in the past. It even explains Kallan.

“Linda is….” Supergirl finds the word as her eyebrows crease together. “She’s gay.” She suddenly stands up and walks over to the window. “I am… I’m Linda.” She brings her right hand back into her hair but this time her fingers wrap around a few locks. “Linda is me.” She finally pulls her hand free of her hair then lifts the photo that is still in her hand.

“I’m gay,” Supergirl whispers.

The End