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My Superfears
by Red Hope

Chapter 3: A Kiss Goodnight

Kallan Thompson stealthily climbed the tree’s branches despite her arm hurt from her wrapped wound. She ignored the pain as she climbed. Once she was on the right branch, she did her traditional jump off the tree and onto the roof of her parents’ house. She landed neatly on the flat roof and walked to her usual, open spot.

The young woman took the beach towel from around her neck and spread it out on the roof. She then sat down and lowered her back flat against the roof. She sighed contently when the beautiful stars high above warmly welcomed her.

Kallan always enjoyed doing this when she had the chance. She would disappear up here or stay in the tree on some nights just to get away from the world. She wasn’t really that far from the world but still it was her fantasy. Up here, she could get away and think about anything or nothing at all without a single disturbance.

Kallan was slightly chilled in the fall evening, yet she ignored it. She was too busy thinking about the evening’s earlier events when she was headed to Laura’s house after dropping Linda off. She had never expected a mythological Minotaur to just suddenly appear from thin air and cause a traffic jam.

She also chastised herself for thinking she could help Supergirl fight the beast. What was she thinking? She knew she hadn’t been thinking and reacted on instinct more than anything when she saw Supergirl being hurt. Kallan wondered what Supergirl must of thought of her for her foolish attempt.

Kallan grumbled and lifted her injured arm. She shoved her fleece sleeve back and stared at the well wrapped injury. She didn’t dare touch the aching wound that’d been cleaned and stitched. She pushed her sleeve back over it and lowered her arm to her stomach.

“I wonder what that Minotaur meant though…?” She had heard what the beast had demanded of Supergirl when she was being held hostage. It did not make any sense though, and she wished she could ask the hero.

Kallan sighed and closed her eyes for a brief moment. She listened to the quiet cars buzzing through the development then there were some faint voices. She ignored them when she opened her eyes again. She sadly smiled at the stars, and she wished she had stolen a better chance to observe them when she was flying high in Supergirl’s arms.

Kallan lifted her hand and played with her soft hair since she had washed it clean of the hair glue earlier. Her hair was slightly damp and now flat. She pulled her hand away when she heard some low snap noise in the breeze.

“You see anything interesting?”

Kallan’s eyes filled with six feet of blond, blue, and red beauty. “Oh my god!” She placed her hands over her erratic heartbeat and stared shockingly at the superhero that floated above her.

Supergirl hovered about ten feet above Kallan and was facing downward. She had bright blue eyes and was highly amused. “How are you?”

Kallan inhaled sharply and patted her pounding chest. “Besides having the life scared out of me twice today, I’m great.”

Supergirl chuckled and reminded, “You mean three times this week?”

Kallan grumbled and muttered, “Don’t remind me.” She slightly grinned and joked, “I’m starting to develop a track record with you.”

“You do seem to have a certain knack for it.”

Kallan blushed and showed a shy smile. “Sorry about that.”

“You’re fine,” Supergirl promised.

Kallan’s heart missed a beat when Supergirl’s words echoed those of Linda Danvers.

Supergirl noted the peculiar expression on Kallan’s face so she detoured any possible questions or thoughts in Kallan’s head. “Did the hospital take care of your wound?”

Kallan laced her hands over her stomach and smiled. “Yeah… I had about five stitches.”

Supergirl crinkled her nose and mentioned, “I hate needles.”

Kallan laughed because she had not expected that submission from the powerful superhero. “You’re kidding, right?” When Supergirl shook her head, she chuckled but stopped and considered how long Supergirl was going to stay hovering above her like that. “You can lay down.” She patted the open space beside her.

Supergirl considered the invite then figured she had some time to left before she needed to go home. She knew it was not wise for her to visit since she enthralled Kallan. Although she prayed that maybe Kallan, would see beyond her ‘S’ and find something human about her.

Kallan watched as the superhero slowly floated down, over, and turned. She grinned out how Supergirl was so nonchalant about it.

Supergirl folded her arms over her chest once she rested on her back on the roof. “This is a nice view.” She admired the countless stars above her.

Kallan considered the twinkling stars then mentioned, “It is… I’m sure it’s even more gorgeous when you’re flying above the town.”

Supergirl sighed when she recalled her high flights into the night sky. “It is.”

Kallan silently drummed her fingers on her stomach in a nervous fashion. “I was wondering, how did you know my name?”

Supergirl kept her expression unmoving, and she easily dodged, “Linda Danvers mentioned you to me.”

Kallan was dumbstruck and hastily questioned, “You talked to Linda Danvers?”

Supergirl laughed and not just because of Kallan’s question but because of her situation. “I do… now and again.” She turned her head and quirked a grin. “She’s a friend.”

Kallan narrowed her eyes then argued, “Linda never mentioned y’all being close.”

“We’re not close,” the hero agreed, “but I see her in passing.” She turned her head away. “She told me about how you two met.”

Kallan groaned and covered her face with her hand. “Yeah… that was really bad. I don’t know what she did to chase those guys off but thank god she did.” She pulled her hand away. “Linda and I go to the same college, and we have a few classes together.”

“You sound close,” Supergirl murmured.

“Yeah… I think so.” Kallan had a sweet smile when she mulled over Supergirl’s statement. “So why the drop by?” She glanced at the hero.

“I saw you laying here.” Supergirl shrugged then added, “I wanted to see how things went at the hospital.”

“Thanks,” Kallan replied, “for checking on me.”

“It’s the least I could do after you helped tonight.”

Kallan snorted and challenged the hero with a look. “Are you serious? I was the hostage, remember?”

Supergirl grinned but lost it. “It takes a lot of courage to do what you did tonight. If I recall right pretty much everybody ran off when they had the chance.”

“Yea so they wouldn’t get in your way,” Kallan reminded.

Supergirl sighed and glanced at the stubborn woman. “No, they cleared out because they were scared. You stayed because you cared to help despite the odds.” She freed her arms from her chest. “That’s a true hero.” She then abruptly stood up.

Kallan was befuddled and could not disagree anymore with the superhero.

Supergirl held out her hand to the young woman and offered, “I want to show you something.”

Kallan sat up then took the strong hand. She was easily lifted to her feet, and she positioned herself in front of the tall beauty.

Supergirl stepped closer and tilted her head.

Kallan was lost in the dazzling blue pools above her. She felt the world fade away from her and left her only with Supergirl.

“Put your hands on my waist,” the hero softly instructed.

Kallan followed the order.

Supergirl closed in the distance between them so that her body now touched Kallan’s. “You have to stay close or you’ll get cold easily.” She then focused her telekinesis on her cape.

Kallan stiffened when the cape seemed to come to life and came around Supergirl then wrapped around Kallan. Supergirl’s body and the cape cocooned her; she was indeed warm now.

Supergirl revealed a reassuring smile, and her hidden left hand slipped down. She took Kallan’s hand off her hip and laced her fingers through Kallan’s smaller ones. She then lifted their arms out from under the cape and stretched their linked hands skyward.

Kallan tilted her head back and watched her arm become stretched out. She noticed how Supergirl’s was far from being straight, and it amused her. Kallan then lost her grin when she did not feel the roof under her shoes anymore but instead the housing development was growing tiny.

Supergirl had her head dropped back as she lifted her and Kallan higher to the stars. She lowered her head and smiled at Kallan’s dazzled expression.

“Wow,” Kallan breathed, “this is so beautiful.”

“It gets better,” the superhero softly promised.

Kallan focused on Supergirl and realized just how close she was to the hero. She tried not to focus on it but instead went back to her journey skyward.

Supergirl made the speed slightly faster but softly ordered, “Tell me if you have trouble breathing or you’re too cold.”

Kallan shook her head as she stared over her shoulder. “I’m… perfect.” She then dropped her head backwards, and she almost imagined her and Supergirl’s hand touching the crescent moon that was so close.

Supergirl felt they were high enough so she stopped. “Look below.”

Kallan peered over her shoulder and gazed straight down to the lights of Leesburg. “Oh my god.” She suddenly became fearful at the seeming huge drop below them. She pressed into Supergirl’s body.

“You’re safe,” the hero promised. She further assured the young woman by slipped her hand off Kallan’s hip and snaked it around her waist.

Kallan expelled a deep breath then shyly murmured, “I have this thing about… heights.”

Supergirl slowly lifted an arched eyebrow. “Really?”

“Uh… yeah.” Kallan cautiously peered over her shoulder again and tried to get over her fear. “I just… I try not to let it bother me.” She started to adjust to the long distance to the ground far below.

Supergirl carefully slipped their arms back between their bodies where it was warmer. “You know what my biggest fear is?”

Kallan centered back on the hero, and she wrinkled her nose. “I can’t imagine. Getting gray hair?” she joked and grinned at the laugh from the superhero.

Supergirl mirrored Kallan’s grin after she stopped laughing. “My biggest fear is rats.”

Kallan laughed but quickly stopped herself. “You’re serious?”


Kallan giggled yet clamped down on them again. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t expect that.” Slowly her grin shifted into a warm smile. She had learned a few things already about the superhero that were quite human characteristics. “You know, you’re not that different.”

Unknowingly, Supergirl started the slow descent to the ground far below. “I’m very different, Kallan.”

Kallan weighed it then shook her head. “Well sure you have certain powers, but you still have a life… like the rest of us.” She shrugged and argued, “Even Superman, Wonder Woman… Batman… they all have lives beyond being heroes.” She cocked her head and challenged, “How does that make them any different than the rest of us?”

Supergirl revealed her smile at the young woman’s logic. “Maybe you’re right.”

Kallan rolled her eyes, yet she knew she was winning the debate. “I’m pretty sure that ‘Supergirl’ isn’t your real name.”

Supergirl slightly stiffened at the dangerous topic, but she halted her natural apprehension. “Its my name when I’m wearing this uniform.”

Kallan was quiet. She lowered her eyes to the symbolic ‘S’ design that proudly stood out on the hero’s chest. She almost wanted to trace the red symbol but she stopped herself from it. “So that means you do have a real name,” she concluded.

Supergirl softly laughed at Kallan’s relentless pursuit. “Maybe.”

Kallan grumbled quite dramatically and glared at the hero. “I bet you’ll tell me before the end of the year.” She noticed the instant twinkle in the glacier eyes above her.

“We’ll see,” the hero whispered.

Kallan smiled because she had not exactly won but nor had she lost. “By the way, Linda told me I’m suppose to ask for your cell phone number the next time I saw you.”

Supergirl laughed because Kallan really brought the topic up after she had discussed it today with Kallan when she was Linda.

“Do you have Verizon?” Kallan ranted, “Because I don’t like to go outside my network much.”

Supergirl shook her head then settled her laughter. She warmly studied the other woman and wondered how it’d become so easy for them to talk like this. She never had this with anybody else.

Kallan smiled at the hero’s glowing features, and she felt close to Supergirl in a way she never expected. She then broke away from her thoughts when her feet connected with the roof of her house. She was slightly surprised by the fact they were back, and she questioningly peered up at the hero.

“It’s late,” Supergirl softly mentioned, “and you need your rest.”

Kallan suspiciously narrowed her eyes then queried, “So does Supergirl sleep too?”

“Yes,” the hero answered, “and I drink milk before I go to bed.”

Kallan’s jaw dropped, and she teased, “If you drink milk then that means you have a fridge and if you have a fridge that means you have a place to live.”

Supergirl shook her head then decided to throw a monkey wrench in the woman’s idea. “Or else the JLA Headquarters has a fridge, and I live there.”

Kallan glowered at the hero when her bubble was popped. She knew of the Justice League of America, yet she never heard of Supergirl exactly joining the team. Supergirl was always solo but that could change too.

Supergirl grinned at Kallan’s annoyance, but she seriously commented, “Thank you for tonight.”

Kallan’s scold disappeared, and she shook her head. “No, thank you.” She smiled warmly and did not want to move away from the warm body. “That was amazing. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

Supergirl lowered her head closer and whispered, “It was nice to share that with somebody, finally.” She admired Kallan’s rich amber eyes, full of spirit.

Kallan felt a different ache in her body and not from her wound. “We’ll do it again?”

Supergirl knew she was too close to Kallan, and it was hard to resist. It was hard to resist the draw she felt towards Kallan. “Yes.”

Kallan brought out warmest smile, which made her eyes brighter. “I finally get a yes instead of a maybe.”

Supergirl softly laughed then dipped her head the rest of the way so that her lips brushed of Kallan’s.

Kallan closed her eyes and held tightly to Supergirl. She felt the instant charge when those full lips touched hers, and she whimpered at the feel.

Supergirl abruptly had a surge of attacking fears. She recoiled and stepped away from Kallan once.

Kallan was surprised by the withdraw and peered up at the hero’s distraught features. She felt the cape slowly snake off her body, and it went behind Supergirl again. She was not sure what to say to Supergirl and did not know what to do.

Supergirl stepped back again and said, “I’ll see you again, I’m sure.” She then lifted into the air slowly and offered, “Goodnight, Kallan.” She could no longer take Kallan’s confusion and hidden upset so she shot off into the black night.

Kallan breathed deeply and tried to figure out what had happened. She slowly sunk down onto the roof and sat on her beach towel. She blankly stared at the roof and reached up to brush her bangs back. “She almost kissed me,” she uttered in astonishment. “Why did she…”

Kallan lowered her head and stared at her jeans’ pant legs and her sneakers. She could not understand what had caused the superhero to pull away. Nothing she had said or done caused it. Kallan mentally replayed the scene from only a few minutes ago, she recalled what she had seen in Supergirl’s eyes. Kallan could not believe it, but it was true.

Supergirl was scared.

The End