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My Superfears
by Red Hope

Chapter 2: Supergirl Closes Linda’s Closet

Linda flipped the light switch on and entered her quiet apartment. “I thought maybe Mattie would be here so you could meet her.” Kallan had driven her home so she invited her friend up to the apartment. They had some time to kill before they had to be back on campus for their last class.

Kallan closed the apartment door and scanned the kitchen and common living space.

“It’s not very big,” Linda informed, “but it’s a nice place.” She pointed to her right. “That’s the kitchen of course and this is the living room area.”

Kallan looked right then left. She was impressed by the size of the television in the living room. She grinned and asked, “Where’s your room?”

Linda shifted her book bag on her back then directed her friend to the hallway off to the right. “This is my room.” She pointed at the closed door to her right. “The next room on the left is Mattie’s then the door at the end is the bathroom.”

“And that room?” Kallan pointed at the open door that had sunlight streaming through.

“Oh, that’s kinda an office room that Mattie and I share.” Linda shrugged and opened her bedroom door. “I do my homework in there.” She shoved opened her bedroom door and was greeted by the fresh scent from her Glade plug-in. “My room is smaller than Mattie’s.” She held out her hand to the bed. “Bed.” She pointed at the open closet. “Closet.” She directed at her small desk to the right. “Computer desk.”

Kallan laughed at the very abrupt tour. She slipped past her friend and entered deeper into the room. “Big bed.” She sat on the corner.

Linda shrugged and set her bag near her desk. She straightened up, turned, and realized she probably should close her closet. She quickly went over and slid the gliding door to the right. “Sometimes I get kind of messy… my closet happens to be in that position at the moment.”

Kallan laughed and bobbed her head. “I have that problem too.” She tilted her head to the right and observed Linda in front of her. “How long have you been living here for?”

Linda considered it while she took a seat beside her friend. “Awhile now…. I think three years.” She nodded in agreement to her estimation. “My friend, Mattie, she works at the hospital.”

“That’s why you don’t see her huh?”

Linda sighed and quietly replied, “Yeah… it really sucks.” She leaned back and placed her hands behind her. “So why’d you get nervous at lunch today?”

Kallan bowed her head and stared at her sneakers. “Its really complicated… sorta…. kinda.”

Linda cocked her head then sat up again. She hesitated but boldly touched Kallan’s knee. “You don’t have to tell me if you’re not comfortable. I’ll understand.”

“No.” Kallan lifted her gaze to Linda again. “I have to be honest.”

Linda completely understood so she nodded. “Alright. I’m all ears.”

Kallan felt uncomfortable despite she was determined to be honest to her friend. She stood up and moved away a few paces. She turned around and simply stated, “I’m gay, Linda.”

Linda sat ramrod straight on the bed. She stared at her friend and tried to absorb the unexpected news.

Kallan shook her head then put her hands in her pockets. “Trust me, I’ll understand if you’re not comfortable being my friend.” She bit her lower lip then murmured, “Laura is the only straight friend I have left after everything.”

Linda combed her brown hair back then her hand fell to her lap. “I expected just about anything but that.” She slightly relaxed and soothingly promised, “And-”

“You don’t have to say it,” Kallan interrupted, and she grew upset.

“Kallan.” Linda stood up and neared her back stepping friend. She sighed and quickly grabbed her friend’s shoulders. She halted Kallan’s movements, and she locked eyes with Kallan.

The beautiful ice blue eyes of Linda Danvers transfixed Kallan. Why had not she noticed how stunning those eyes were?

“It doesn’t bother me a bit,” Linda sincerely stated. She squeezed the other woman’s shoulders and remarked, “You should have a choice.”

“It’s not a choice,” Kallan argued.

Linda shook her head then slightly grinned. “I don’t mean that.” She tilted her head some. “I mean you should have a choice to be able to be who you really are.” She lowered her hands and considered her pending, but honest words. “Not everybody can be who they truly are.”

Kallan carefully mulled over her friend’s words and nodded. She knew it was true as society and politics and even religion could lock people into certain circumstances. “So, you’re okay with it?”

Linda did not dare mention her current situation. She did not fully understand everything since her old memories were surfacing back to the top. “I’m completely okay with it.”

Kallan’s shoulders slumped when the relief flooded her. “Thank you.”

Linda smiled and stepped closer. She pulled her friend into the first hug they’d ever shared. “Thank you for being brave enough to tell me.” She pulled back and mentioned, “I know it can’t be easy.”

Kallan shook her head. “No, but I’ve learned to roll with the punches.” She crookedly smiled and joked, “I have super invulnerability like Supergirl.”

Linda groaned dramatically and moved away from her friend. “Now it makes sense why you’re so hot on her.” She flashed a devilish grin at her friend but went to her desk. She collected her computer textbook for the next class.

“You have to admit, Linda that she is drop dead gorgeous.” Kallan folded her arms over her chest.

Linda exchanged her text books then straightened up. “This has nothing to do with her superpowers?”

Kallan sputtered and waved her hand. “That’s just bonus there.” She then shifted on her feet and asked, “Have you ever thought about what it’d be like to fly?”

Linda grinned as she stood beside her bookbag. “Yeah… I guess that was the main thing that fascinated me about her.” She picked up her bag. “Come on, let’s get some dinner.”

“You mean you don’t want snacks from those vending machines again?” Kallan chuckled at Linda’s quick glare, but she followed her friend out of the room. “What you want?”

“I was thinking Chinese.”

Kallan brightened at this idea. “I second.” She trailed Linda out of the apartment and closed up the door. She let her friend lock the door then she walked down the hallway to the stairs. “Thank you though, Linda… really.”

Linda understood Kallan’s reference back to the earlier confession. She smiled warmly and replied, “I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to tell me.”

Kallan nodded then slowly descended the steps. “You’re easy to talk to.”

Linda snickered, and her eyes glowed. “I’ve noticed.”

Kallan blushed and hurried down the steps to break the conversation apart.

Linda Danvers was quite amused, yet she quickly followed her friend. She had quite the smile on her face.

The evening went by quickly between the friends. Linda and Kallan ate at the local Chinese restaurant and had enough time to make it to computer class. Linda tried not to be overly board in the required general education class, but she noticed Kallan was enthralled. Linda preferred to stick to her arts than learn the ins and outs of computers.

After class, Kallan offered Linda to come with her to Laura’s house. Linda refused and explained she needed to go home as she had an early day tomorrow. She had previously mentioned she was job hunting so Kallan understood. Linda caught a ride back to her apartment housing and slipped into her apartment.

Linda set her bag by her desk. She then opened her closet and dug out her red boots and cape. She already had her skirt and top on, but she left the other items. She stripped down to her outfit then slipped her small feet into the large boots. Her eyes briefly flickered then suddenly she was six feet of red and blue superhero.

Supergirl swiftly hooked her cape into place. She went to the slightly jarred window, and she opened it wider. She crunched forward as she stood on the windowsill then she stepped out into midair. Supergirl merely floated for an instant before she went skyward.

Supergirl shot higher and higher into the beautiful night sky until she was too far up and could just breathe. She stopped and hovered in the low oxygen atmosphere, which did not overly bother her. She stared down at the glowing life that speckled the earth. She slightly smiled at her hometown that waited for her.

The hero lifted her head then scanned the stars that surrounded her. She never felt more at peace than she did here in the silence, cool air, and blanketed by the stars and moon. She smiled at the crescent moon that seemed like an upturned smile. She released a sigh because she knew she needed to get to work.

Supergirl suddenly jetted off for the ground. She pushed her telekinesis hard so that her body blurred into a red and blue streak. She shot into Leesburg’s streets and followed the main routes. Then something caught her eye that made her curious.

Supergirl turned right onto another road, and the screaming filled her ears. She came to a slow stop and narrowed her eyes at all the cars in both lanes had come to a complete halt. She scanned the unexpected traffic jam and noticed that it all centered at the accident a half a mile away.

Suddenly there was a loud roar from the accident circle, some gunshots, and people’s fearful screams. Cars’ honks quickly washed out the terror.

Supergirl raced ahead then spotted what was unbelievably causing the problem. Her ears rang again with the mythological creature’s brisk roar. She saw that the Minotaur lowered his head and was about to charge a local officer, who was firing at the beast. Supergirl shot downward.

The civilian dressed officer shot his last bullet just before the creature was on him. He realized his bullets only seemed to antagonize the beast. He was completely locked in by the crashed cars around him. He backed stepped once and the back of his knee hit a car’s grill.

The snorting Minotaur gave a last cry as he honed in on his target. He pointed his sharp horns at the human. He was a yard away when he suddenly came to an abrupt stop. His wild vision was filled by blue and red.

Supergirl kept herself braced against the creature. She released her breath now that she knew the local officer, who was her father, was safe. She kept an iron grip on the beast’s horns and clipped, “I don’t think so, big boy.”

The Minotaur roared and tried to break his horns free from the odd woman. He realized she wasn’t about to let go so he reached behind for his battle ax.

“Look out, Supergirl!” called an onlooker from the crowd.

Supergirl’s grip faltered when she heard Kallan’s familiar voice. She jumped back just as the battle-ax came at her neck. She stared wide eye at the furious creature. She then saw he was going to charge again and wield his ax at the same time. She did not like what that could mean for the people more than herself.

Fred Danvers was shocked when Supergirl spun around and grabbed him. He was suddenly airborne and out of harm’s way. “You have to stop him!”

“I will once you’re safe,” Supergirl proclaimed, and she landed back in the mess of jammed cars. She set the detective down then took off again.

Detective Danvers watched in awe as the female superhero raced back to the accident scene.

Supergirl glimpsed at the Minotaur’s new charge for a group of citizens. Again fear swept through her when she saw that Kallan Thompson was at the front of the group and stood defiantly. How did Kallan manage to get into the thick of danger?

Kallan held her ground as the Minotaur charged her and the people near her. She fisted her hands and lifted them as if she could fight the powerful beast. She felt her heartbeat tear at her chest, but she ignored her natural instinct to flee.

Kallan’s nails dug into her palm when the Minotaur was only a few steps from her. She then heard a sharp whistle then suddenly the Minotaur disappeared and there was a loud boom. She briefly had a vision of streaked blue and red that told her plenty.

The people all gasped and backed away from the fight. They then filtered into the block of traffic and moved safely away from the fight.

Kallan stayed behind and stared at Supergirl and the Minotaur.

Supergirl had smashed the creature into the grill of an empty Mack truck. She now stood a few feet away from the truck, her hands up, and her features extremely dark. She stared at the unmoving beast that was buried in the truck’s engine.

The Minotaur groaned then lifted his head but could not too far. He growled and ripped his horns free from the tangled metal. He pulled out of the truck’s engine and slammed down onto his hoofs. He lifted his large, empty hands and snarled at the superhero. Briefly, his eyes flickered to the battle-ax that wasn’t too far away.

Kallan spotted it too so she silently edged forward to the ax since she was closest.

Supergirl caught Kallan’s unexpected movements from the corner of her eye.

The Minotaur took his advantaged and crossed the distance to Supergirl. His right hand shot out and grabbed the woman by her throat. He huffed hotly and lifted the woman up from the ground.

Supergirl clutched his leather bound wrist and tried to break free.

The Minotaur’s nostrils flared from his heavy breathing. His angry, brown eyes bore into the superhero. “You’re still human,” he spat, “more human than most.” He lifted his left hand and brought it around Supergirl’s neck. He began to squeeze harder than earlier.

Kallan was barely able to get the battle-ax off the ground, but she held it with both hands. She caught sight of Supergirl’s predicament, and she came after the beast.

Supergirl’s eyes rolled back for a second, yet she called on her telekinesis to save her. She focused harder on the Minotaur’s powerful grasp and slowly forced his grip to loosen.

The Minotaur was furious at how the hero was able to do this. He had not expected it. He then spotted Kallan coming for him so he changed his plans. He suddenly threw Supergirl with all his might. He then turned to Kallan and caught the ax by the shaft. “Foolish human,” he snorted and laughed at Kallan’s stunned features.

Kallan had no time to let go because the beast whirled her around then her back was slammed into a hot and hairy surface. She then felt the ax’s blade at her neck.

Supergirl had just stopped her hurling body from hitting the unmarked patrol car behind her. She gritted her teeth when she saw Kallan in the Minotaur’s grasp. Kallan, why couldn’t you stay out of this, she mentally cursed.

Kallan swallowed then gripped the Minotaur’s wrist and tried to push the blade away. Her efforts were useless since it was like pushing a brick wall. She looked to Supergirl and silently pleaded for help.

Supergirl held Kallan’s gaze and tried to convey that she would do anything to save her. She lowered her fisted hands to her side and asked, “What do you want?”

The Minotaur showed his teeth, which flashed similar to his nose ring. “You.” He chuckled at Supergirl’s bewilderment. “I might let her live.” He indicated the human in his grasp. “If you corporate.”

The hero had very icy eyes, and she quickly thought out her next move. She just needed the beast to keep talking. “Alright. What you want me to do?”

The Minotaur snorted and ordered, “You can start by shifting back to normal form.”

Kallan did not understand what the Minotaur meant. She became more curious than scared.

Supergirl locked her jaw and decided to hedge her possible fate. She stepped closer and knew any closer she became that it would pay off.

Kallan suddenly hissed in pain when the sharp blade nicked her throat.

“Stop,” the beast hotly ordered. “Or her head will be separated from her shoulders.”

Supergirl compiled then bubbled her telekinesis higher up.

“Now,” the Minotaur commanded, “change.”

The superhero shook her head then argued, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t waste my time,” the beast bellowed. “Or her life!”

Supergirl’s full lips slowly curled into a smirk. “Oh I’m not about to.” She suddenly pulsed her telekinesis blast at the battle-ax.

The ax broke into millions of shards and rained onto the pavement.

The Minotaur stared in shock at his weapon that was merely a stick.

Kallan took her opening and ducked away from the beast.

The Minotaur howled then chased after the human.

Supergirl was faster and chased after Kallan. She swept the small woman up into her arms and launched into the air long before the Minotaur would have had Kallan. Some hundreds of feet in the air, she heard the beast’s roar of anger that he’d missed. Kallan’s squeal also filled the air, but her grip was sure.

Kallan gasped for air when Supergirl slowed down and came to a stop in midair. She covered her pounding heart and met the stern features of the superhero.

“Are you okay?”

Kallan kept a strong grip with her other hand, and she stared at Supergirl. She felt incredibly embarrassed and dumb. She realized Supergirl had asked that same question just the other night.

Supergirl knew she needed to get back down and deal with the rampaging beast, yet she was still concerned with Kallan’s wellbeing. “Are you okay, Kallan?” she repeated.

“I’m… great… I’m good.” Kallan’s cheeks flushed.

Supergirl became even more concerned when the flush developed. “You’re sure?”

Kallan only trusted her head to move in the agreement motion. She then snapped out of her daze. “The Minotaur, he’s going to…”

“It’s alright.” Supergirl quickly lowered down to the ground and aimed for a safe spot away from the beast. Her cape flapped above her head. Her boots met the ground, and she slid Kallan from her arms. “Stay here.”

Kallan opened her mouth to respond but was cut short when Supergirl took off again. She shook her head and muttered, “Thank… you.”

Supergirl skimmed over the car’s roofs and aimed for the creature.

The Minotaur saw the hero coming back for him. He suddenly ran towards her then he jumped into the air and revealed a hidden dagger.

Supergirl was not deterred now that she was completely free of anybody getting hurt. She flew faster and met the beast in midair. She stretched out her right hand and rammed the dagger’s blade into the creature’s chest.

The Minotaur howled in pain then was reflected off Supergirl’s solid body. He flew backwards and slammed into a trailer’s side. He went through it, out the other side, and came to loud landing in the side of a building. He slid down it and slumped on the empty sidewalk.

Supergirl flew over then silently landed on her feet. She had her hands up then something caught her eye. She noted the blood on her left arm, and she knew it was not hers or the Minotaur’s. She became worried because she knew it had to Kallan’s.

The Minotaur slowly climbed to his feet but wobbled on them. Then he lifted his right hand to the dagger’s hilt that protruded from his furry chest. He gripped the hilt and ripped it out with a painful snarl.

Supergirl focused on the injured beast then coldly informed, “Try me again, and I’ll kill you this time.”

The Minotaur was amused, and he snorted. He shook his head then narrowed his blazing yellow eyes at the hero. He raised his left arm and the green jewel embedded in his leather gauntlet shined. “Perhaps another time… Linda.” He suddenly rammed the dagger’s hilt into the jewel.

Supergirl shielded her eyes when the green light was too bright for her. She turned back to the spot where the Minotaur had been, and she scanned about the area. She could not detect a trace of his existence with or without her telekinesis.

The superhero straightened her back out and lowered her hands to her sides. She had a confused and worried face at his sudden appearance and disappearance. Then what jarred her mostly was that the creature knew her alternate life as Linda Danvers. This was far from good because she had a sneaky suspicion she would seem him again.

“Supergirl,” Kallan called who was jogging down the sidewalk.

Supergirl turned to her left and greeted the approaching woman.

“Are you okay?” Kallan asked this time.

Supergirl merely nodded then noticed that people were starting to gather around her. She knew it was time for takeoff before she was questioned.

Kallan saw the hero’s feet lift off the concrete so she jumped forward. “Wait.”

Supergirl stopped and hovered an inch over the ground. She then glimpsed at the wound on Kallan’s arm through the long sleeve shirt. She berated herself for thinking about taking off before tending to Kallan’s obvious injury. She was so use to flying away without checking on people’s wellbeing. She had a lot to learn.

Supergirl saw the swarm of people coming and the questions flew from their lips faster than she could ever fly. She lowered quickly and ordered, “Come here.”

Kallan was surprised when Supergirl hastily picked her up. She gripped the broad shoulders. She scanned the faces of the racing people then their faces become smaller until they were completely gone.

Supergirl gradually ascended the dark sky and was greeted by the stars and moon. “You need to go to the hospital.”

“What?” Kallan shook her head. “Why?”

Supergirl merely indicated the arm injury.

Kallan noticed it for the first time and realized how badly she’d been hurt. She now felt the obvious pain since her adrenaline rush was fading away. “It must have happened when your broke that ax.” She shook her head then questioned, “How did you do that?”

Supergirl faintly showed a grin. “I used a telekinesis blast.”

Kallan blinked and shook her head. “Telekinesis?” She was baffled and muttered, “I know what it is but…”

The bemused superhero met the young woman’s bright fire eyes, and she simply explained. “Telekinesis is my main power.” She focused back on her slow flight for the hospital.

“I thought…” Kallan shyly laughed and finished, “I thought your powers were like Superman’s.”

“Not… exactly,” the hero confessed. She knew that Kallan was fully interested in her personal history, which she wasn’t keen on giving. “It’s a long story.”

Kallan had a wry grin and teased, “You could take the long cut to the hospital.”

Supergirl softly laughed, but declared, “No, your wound needs to be taken care of before it gets infected.” Just ahead, she spotted the flashing roof of the hospital.

“Some time later, maybe?” Kallan urged in hopes to break through the hero’s steel armor.

Supergirl was silent as she slowed down in front of the hospital. She gradually lowered towards the entrance of the Emergency Room.

Kallan was wondering if she was going to get an answer or had she pushed her luck? She finally stood on her two feet and Supergirl escorted her through the automatic doors.

Supergirl’s rare and famed presence caught everybody’s attention in the hospital.

A nurse followed by two others hastened to the pair.

Supergirl immediately recognized the nurse, and she just bit her smile back. “Mattie,” she started, “my friend, Kallan, needs to be checked out.”

Mattie faltered in her next step when Supergirl knew her name. She shifted her bewildered features from the hero to Kallan. “What happened?”

“A Minotaur happened,” Kallan joked then showed her arm.

Mattie became wide eye and peered up at Supergirl for confirmation.

Supergirl avoided the topic and politely asked, “You’ll take care of her?”

“Of course.” Mattie smiled and signaled the other nurses to help.

Kallan was instructed to follow a nurse, but she paused and turned back to Supergirl. “Thank you… again.”

Supergirl flashed a smile and teased, “Next time stay away from charging Minotaurs.”

“Right,” Kallan muttered and laughed. She followed the two nurses away.

Supergirl went towards the doors but stopped in the open doorway. “Kallan?”

Mattie and the other nurses paused as Kallan did the same.

Kallan slightly turned and focused on the superhero.

“Yes, maybe,” Supergirl answered, and she was not sure why she had decided to answer Kallan’s earlier question. She did not wait for a response and disappeared out of the doors and into the sky.

To be continued.