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Summary: Immediately after the events of Resident Evil: Afterlife, Alice and Claire are faced with an attacked led by Umbrella’s special agent Jill Valentine. After freeing Jill, Alice learns Angela Ashford’s fate and is blamed for it by Jill. Alice is plagued by what happened to the young girl after the Raccoon City incident and vows to make it right again. But Alice fears her own inner demons until she finds faith from Claire Redfield.

Started: August 1, 2011

Series: One Shot

Resident Evil: Phoenix
by Red Hope

Chapter 1

Alice raced to the Arcadia’s rail and stared in horror at all the helicopters coming for them.

Claire quickly appeared at the older woman’s side and started feverishly shaking her head. “It’s Umbrella,” she whispered.

Alice’s mind was racing as she tried comprehending why Umbrella would send so many soldiers here. “They’re after me.” She suddenly pulled away but made it only two steps before Claire grabbed her wrist.

“Where are you going?” Claire’s features were fiery with demand.

“I have to leave,” Alice honestly answered. “They’re after me.”

Claire looked back at the wave of helicopters and murmured, “They’re after all of us.” She focused on Alice again. “We are their last lab rats.” She stepped closer to the older woman and ordered, “You stay with us.”

Alice nearly argued until her friend’s commanding features made her still. She clenched her jaw and gazed past Claire to the black wave coming for them. “We can’t win.”

“Yes we can,” came a stark voice from behind Alice.

Alice glanced over her shoulder and took in Chris’s taller profile. She wanted to explain that their fate was sealed, and they’d soon be joining the extinction list. But when she looked at Claire again, she realized that failure was not an option for them. Alice straightened her back and held Claire’s eyes with her own.

“Let’s do this,” Claire whispered. After Alice’s nod, she released arms and turned to her frantic people. Claire started calling out orders to everybody, who were racing around the deck once they realized what would happen in moments.

But those moments were cut in half as the leading helicopter began firing on the bow of the Arcadia. Most the bullets bounced off, but a few hit their mark and cut humans down. It would become the quickest blood bath in years done by humans unto humans.

Alice was in action and racing towards the bow. She hollered at the others to get below deck and away from the fire power. But then Claire’s cries lifted above all the chaos, and it made Alice’s heart stop.

“K-Mart!” Claire yelled again. She was moving as fast as possible. Yet her legs were weights, and she couldn’t protect her adopted sister. “K-Mart!”

Alice was far ahead of Claire and all her attention went to K-Mart, who was on the bow.

K-Mart was the last to move towards the stern when the firing began. She hollered and attempted moving through the crowd, but she was blocked behind everybody. She let out a cutting scream when two bullets tore into her right leg. She tumbled to the metal deck.

“K-Mart!” Alice yelled. She cursed her now slower body every since that goddamn Albert Wesker returned her to human. For the first time, Alice needed to be more than human because the price of not carrying the T-Virus meant K-Mart’s innocent life.

Alice poured all her strength into her charge through the scared masses. Her adrenaline rush surged through her, and she jumped higher onto the upper deck.

K-Mart struggled to get to her feet, but she painfully cried out when her right leg shot hot fire up into her stomach. She whimpered and slumped down onto her hands and elbows. She fought it still but paused when she heard the bullets behind her ricocheting off the deck. “Oh, god please,” she begged.

Alice broke through the people within seconds once she was on the upper deck. She spotted K-Mart only yards away but the rain of bullets was quickly closing in on the girl. Alice felt all her rage surge up when she looked at the helicopter shooting at K-Mart. She took two large steps as her right hand extended forward. Her eyes suddenly flared bright, glowing blue.

K-Mart curled up as the bullets reached her feet. She waited for the pain and actually welcomed death now. She’d be with her family again and see her friends soon. Peace would finally be real now. She inhaled one last time and prepared for the Afterlife that would be kinder than this world. But seconds past until K-Mart realized the bullets weren’t shredding her body. She dared to look back and gawked at how the bullets were coming for her but bounced off something invisible above her.

Alice kept her right hand extended. She purposely walked towards the injured girl but all her energy and focus was on keeping the invisible shield around K-Mart. She paused a few steps in front of K-Mart. She glanced over to her left when another helicopter tried attacking from the side. She was amused with a smirk on her lips, and she extended her left hand in time. Her telekinesis shield flared to life and blocked those bullets.

K-Mart was awed by Alice’s powers, and she rolled onto her back. She’d never seen something so amazing as the bullets slammed into an invisible wall and fell to the deck.

Claire had made it onto the deck behind Alice. She pulled up short once she realized what Alice was doing to protect K-Mart. “Oh my god,” she whispered. She then jerked to life when Alice looked at her with illuminated blue eyes.

“Get her out of here,” Alice sharply ordered. She noted Claire’s lost features so she snapped, “Now, Claire!”

The human leader came out of her haze and rushed down to her sister. “Come on, kid.” She scooped up the girl in a frantic manner.

“I’m not a kid anymore,” K-Mart protested. She helped get up until Claire picked her up off the deck. She was amazed by Claire’s display of strength, but she should have known better. She could only cling to her sister that carried her away.

“You’ll always be a kid to me,” Claire bantered back. She glanced at Alice, who was too focused on protecting them from the bullets. She hurried to the steps that’d get them to the lower deck. She felt K-Mart’s weight already straining against her muscles. At the top of the steps, Claire couldn’t help gazing back at her friend.

Alice detected the leader’s fearful gaze so she hollered, “Go!”

Claire was scared for Alice and called, “What about you?” But some of her fear was dulled by the evil smile Alice shot her.

“I am better… now.” Alice noted the helicopters stopped firing so she lowered her invisible shields. She imagined they were regrouping. “Go, Claire!” She needed her friend to go because Claire’s safety was distracting her focused telekinesis.

Claire nodded then rushed down the twelve steps. She didn’t have to go far when she was greeted by her brother, who took K-Mart from her. She stayed at Chris’s and K-Mart’s side on the frantic race to get inside the ship. She prayed they could find weapons below for the fight.

Chris went to the closest door and ducked into it. He needed to get K-Mart medical attention so he started hollering for help. He prayed somebody had medical knowledge.

Claire made it to the open door, but she looked back at her friend on the upper deck. She sucked in her breath when she realized that Alice somehow took control of the closest helicopter off the bow.

Alice gritted her teeth as she fought against the pilots. She took full control of the copter and sent it reeling towards the dark waters below. She released the copter once she was sure it would crash. Then her powers quickly honed in on the next copter. She took control of that one and forced it to fly into its nearest comrade. The explosive heat from the first helicopter’s crash washed over Alice and further awakened her briefly disabled T-Virus.

Claire had a serious smirk at her friend’s impressive powers. She then felt a tap on her shoulder so she twisted around and was greeted by a MP5 9mm submachine gun’s black handle. Claire caught her brother’s grin just before she took it from him.

“Thanks, bro,” Claire whispered. She also collected a few magazines from him, which she stowed away in her pockets. “Is every able body getting armed?”

“To the teeth,” Chris promised. He then shifted closer and peered through the opening. He slightly gawked at Alice’s telekinetic powers. He’d never witnessed anything like it before. “What… is she?”

Claire returned her attention to the amazing scene playing out on the deck. She nearly chuckled when Alice forced two copters to collide in midair. “Our saving grace.”

Alice sensed several helicopters coming at once, and she wasn’t prepared to take them all. Plus she knew once the helicopters started unloading soldiers on the decks that any other airborne helicopters would hardly fire on their own men. Despite it was an impressive attack, Umbrella wasn’t squandering their resources anymore.

Alice withdrew from her assault on the helicopters, turned on her boot heels, and made a running jump off the upper deck. She could feel the bullets chasing after her, but she was faster than the gunner’s hand. Alice glanced at the wrecked YAK-52 airplane off to the left. An idea hit her, and she filled with evil delight. Alice beelined to the small aircraft.

The Umbrella helicopters’ blades continued cutting through the air that left one’s heart pounding in freakish rhythm. But the downpour of bullets suddenly ceased thanks to a single command. Now several helicopters started descending on the decks all over the Arcadia.

Alice latched onto the YAK-52’s metal propeller, and she tore it off with little effort. She shifted the prop so that she held it by one end. She then glanced over her left shoulder at the helicopter that’d landed several yards away. She narrowed her eyes at the black soldiers pouring out from the now open door. Alice gave a low cry then took two wide steps and threw the prop towards the soldiers. Sharply her blue eyes flared brighter than the sun.

The airplane prop horizontally spun through the air as if it were being turned by an engine. It became louder and faster thanks to Alice’s telekinesis encouraging it. The prop was hit by several bullets, but it wasn’t phased and swiftly cut through the pool of humans like overgrown weeds.

Alice kept her left hand extended and guided the prop through the black mass. She then ordered the prop to return to her but not without slicing through a few more necks and heads. Alice prepared for the prop and easily caught the makeshift weapon in her hand. She shifted her bright eyes to the soldiers flowing down the steps from the upper deck. She prepared to throw the prop again at her new targets.

Claire counted at least six helicopters now on the deck. She estimated there had to be fifty or more soldiers per helicopter. She couldn’t allow Alice to handle it alone anymore nor keep all the fun to herself. Claire hollered orders to her armed people, who began to mobilize from their hidden spots in the ship.

Claire kicked the metal door open and ran outside with her submachine gun at the ready. It only took her two heartbeats before she opened fire on the Umbrella soldiers. She had a brief glimpse of Alice before the swarm concealed the lone fighter.

Alice was using her kukri as she attacked the soldiers after throwing the propeller at two helicopters still in the air. She was swift and merciless as she fought the soldiers. She didn’t have time to waste with toying with them. There were too many innocent lives at stake on the ship. In the background, she heard the new wave of gunshots when the survivors appeared from their hiding spots.

But on the upper deck, a helicopter hovered just ten feet over the bow and soldiers started jumping onto the deck. However, the constant streak of black was broke by purple and blond then the helicopter took off.

Alice had caught a brief glimpse of the unique figure that’d exited the aircraft at the bow. Then her senses were on high alert, and her blood wildly stirred to the point that Alice couldn’t ignore it. She had to know what’d energized the T-Virus in her blood.

On the bow, Jill Valentine, an Umbrella agent, barked orders at the soldiers. She wanted the Arcadia under control as quickly as possible. She wasn’t pleased by what’d happened already. There couldn’t be defeat, especially here. She’d made her promises and swore her soul to this mission. The stakes were stacked high against her.

Jill scanned about the Arcadia’s upper deck until she discovered what she knew would make this go smoother. She allowed the officers to handle the battle on the deck. But her mission required her to go below deck. Jill finally honed in on the hatch, hurried to it, and latched onto the handle. With superior strength, Jill tore the entire lid off and didn’t hesitate to jump into the black hole.

Once meeting the bottom, Jill freed her flashlight from her waist and switched it on. Despite she could see fairly well in the dark, it was pitch black and no light was nearby. She mentally recalled the map of the ship’s interior and carefully started journeying through the Arcadia.

Finally upon heavy doors under low light, Jill inwardly grew excited, and a dark smile spread across her pale lips. She approached the door, which sensed her and started drawing open. Jill slipped through the opening then hurried through the white holding bay that’d been used to lock down human survivors. She only slowed when she approached another set of closed doors at the other end of the bay. Jill briefly studied the blood stain that led into the next bay.

The Umbrella agent narrowed her eyes but carefully approached the door after freeing her Glock. She carefully entered the quiet bay, but she took into account all the gore in the bay. She inhaled the distinct stench of undead, and her eyes were drawn to the closest Cerberus. She disliked those disgusting monstrosities, yet she was willed forward into the bay.

Briefly, Jill noted the V-22 Osprey helicopter off to the left. There was one missing, and she knew what’d happened to it. Jill set her bitter thoughts aside and neared the white throne only yards away. She went behind it then knelt down and lightly touched the throne’s lower back until she found it. She heard a low whoosh and a small keypad slid out for her.

Jill rehooked her flashlight and traded her Glock to her left hand. Her fingertips then glided across the keypad until the code was accepted by the system. She grinned when the drawer underneath slid out for her. With haste, she freed the white case from the drawer, set it down, and quickly looked in it. As the lid lifted away, Jill’s eyes reflected the bright green from inside the case.

“Perfect,” she murmured. She shut the box, but a voice behind her caught her off guard.

“It is beautiful.”

Jill was shocked because she’d never detected the stranger’s arrival in the bay. She jumped up with the case in her right hand and the Glock aimed at her enemy. But she smirked when her old friend was now the shocked one

“Jill,” Alice whispered in awe. She lowered her blades until she spotted the red device latched onto Jill’s chest.

The Umbrella agent didn’t falter now and pulled back on the trigger.

Alice took the bullet in her right shoulder. She fell to the ground and gave a low cry that shifted into a growl. She started getting up until the Glock’s barrel was pointed in her face.

“How have you been, Alice?” Jill canted her head and finally felt as one with her body. This was the moment that Jill had imagined when she was trapped in three white walls and behind clear glass. For the first time, she surrendered to her body’s rule.

“Jill… don’t do this,” Alice softly tried. She released one of her blades but kept the other kukri tightly in her left hand. “I can help you.”

Jill actually laughed, for the first time in years, but it was dark and lifeless. “I think you did enough for me.”

Alice nearly shivered from foreign memories. She banished away those dark thoughts and focused on the present, especially the case in Jill’s hand. “I couldn’t control myself then.” She glanced at the device on Jill’s chest and peered up with hooded eyes. “Just like you can’t stop yourself now.” She just needed to keep Jill occupied while her telekinesis worked on the Glock.

Jill Valentine had a dark smile that reached into her cold heart. She leaned in slightly closer and whispered, “I will not regret when I pull this trigger.”

Alice dipped her head at hearing those words. She had to accept what’d happened years ago after Raccoon City.

Jill enjoyed Alice’s guilt, but it wasn’t enough either. She instead extended the handgun forward and pressed the cold steel against her enemy’s chin. She slowly lifted Alice’s chin until she had icy blue eyes on her again. Jill couldn’t help her deep laugh at Alice’s forlorn expression. She pointed the barrel under Alice’s chin so that the bullet would pierce Alice’s brain.

“I was sent to terminator Project Alice. And I promise I will send your pesky friends behind you.” Jill leaned in even closer and whispered, “Just as you did for me.”

Alice saw Claire’s face flash before her followed by K-Mart’s young features. She clenched her teeth and shut her eyes because her telekinesis flared to life. “No,” she snarled and her eyes flew open to reveal how they glowed dangerously.

Jill growled upon seeing the threat so she leaned back and pulled the trigger in a rush. She heard a weak click but nothing shot out from the barrel. “No!” she yelled. She felt a painful grip on her right wrist, and she was lifted off the ground.

Alice had Jill over her head and gave a battle cry when she threw the lanky blond over the white throne. She happily watched as the white case went soaring free from Jill’s weakened grip. Alice dropped her blade near her other one, took two steps back then ran forward and jumped over the throne. She caught the case then landed neatly in front of the throne. She remained knelt down with the case in her right hand.

Jill collided harshly with the floor and nearly rolled into a dead Cerberus. She popped up onto her feet and tossed the broken Glock. She yanked out a new weapon and took aim at Alice. She didn’t hesitate to fire at the enemy.

Alice was fast and did several jumps out of the way until she landed on the arms of the throne. She noted how Jill stopped and stared at her. Alice was still in a knelt position on the throne, and she sensed Jill was about to do another shooting frenzy so she raised the case in front of her. Alice clicked her tongue a few times at Jill and wagged her index finger too.

Jill lowered her gun and glowered at the other woman for using the case as hostage. “You bitch.”

Alice smirked at the compliment and sleekly slid off the throne arms like a cat. She stepped aside and raised the case up. “It’s all yours.” She lowered the case onto the throne’s seat and slowly released the handle, which went clink when it hit the case. She sharply twisted her head towards Jill with her blue eyes on fire. “If you can win it.”

Jill gave an angry cry then began firing on Alice again.

Alice was prepared and blocked all the bullets with her invisible shield. She wasn’t afraid and calmly started nearing the Umbrella agent.

Jill growled and tossed her gun now that it was empty. She didn’t bother going for another weapon and attempted the conventional way. She kicked at Alice, who ducked under her attack. She leapt forward and attacked her enemy.

Alice parried all of Jill’s attacks. She thoroughly enjoyed the hand-to-hand combat with Jill. Her body was wired by the T-Virus’s rebirth in her system. She was exhilarated and fed on the excitement from the battle with Jill. Alice became slightly concerned and stepped back once so it’d force her to clear her head. It cost her though because Jill’s next punch landed under her chin. The force behind Jill’s punch sent Alice on her back, and the air was knocked from her lungs. She hadn’t expected such power from the controlled human.

Jill didn’t slow down and kicked Project Alice in the gut with all her strength. She delighted when Project Alice was launched across the room and slammed into the opposite wall. She narrowed her eyes at the unconscious project slumped against the wall.

Jill Valentine decided not to waste time and hurried back to the case. She tore it open and retrieved a loaded syringe. She hastened over to Project Alice, who was softly moaning. Jill brought the needle to the project’s exposed arm and started driving it under tan skin.

Alice let out a low growl after her eyes flew open. She latched onto Jill’s wrist with both hands and halted the needle’s descent into her muscle. She was amazed by Jill’s superhuman strength that matched her own.

“You wish to… to be… human,” Jill hissed. “I just want to help you,” she darkly mocked.

Alice fearfully stared at the green liquid gently splashing inside the needle’s tube. She peered up at Jill’s dark face and knew there wasn’t any reasoning with the controlled human. “No,” she hotly whispered. She shook her head because being human meant she couldn’t protect her friends.

Jill grinned as the needle sunk a bit lower. “Let me help you, Project Alice.”

Alice ignored the sarcastic offer and grew for more determined than before. She glanced at the red device on Jill’s chest and realized she had another option. She freed her right hand from Jill’s wrist and tried for thedevice.

Jill was ready and quickly grabbed Alice’s wrist. She halted Alice’s attempt to rip the device from her chest.

Alice was breathing hard and struggling against Jill’s strength. She watched as her fingertips scraped over the device’s red glass, but it was too far. She then looked at the anti-virus in the tube that would rob her of her abilities, again. She couldn’t allow it to happen, and it incited her rage.

Jill tried pressing down on Alice, but it was incredibly difficult. Then a hissing sound caught her ear, and she looked at the needle. Jill was surprised at seeing the anti-virus fizzling inside the tube. Then she realized the needle was becoming extremely hot against her skin. She screamed when the scorching needle started melting the skin in her palm, but she wouldn’t release it.

Alice echoed the scream as her right hand moved forward. Her fingertips slipped over the device’s face and gradually her palm started to press into it.

Jill continued crying out against the pain to her right hand. She then noticed how Alice’s right wrist was slipping through her hand. She looked down and saw Alice’s hand wrapped around her mind control device.

Alice finally had her hand on the red device and suddenly she felt electric current coursing through her body. Briefly she realized that Jill’s control device had an electrocution feature to kill any human. But Alice was more than human, and she didn’t release the device despite the electrocution ripped through her body and caused raw agony.

“You will… kill us both!” Jill yelled at Project Alice. She felt the current carrying through Alice and into her now. Her painful cry mixed with Alice’s but even louder.

Alice didn’t care and instead started pulling the device off the human. She fought against Jill’s hold and weakly grinned as the device’s tubes started extracting from Jill’s chest.

Jill felt her mind become fuzzy. She released the searing needle, and her left hand slipped from Alice’s wrist once the device’s last tube was drawn out. She swayed briefly as her scream died on her lips then her eyes lifted upwards to the whiteness. Jill gasped then slowly toppled to her left in a lifeless heap.

Alice dropped the now deactivated device then weakly looked at the needle still sticking out of her left arm. She reached over with a shaking hand, latched onto the hot needle, and ripped it out. Alice’s head continued rolling but she managed a decent toss and watched the needle’s brief flight before it crashed and broke on the floor. Alice’s blurry eyes lowered to Jill Valentine for a second. She took a last breath and collapsed to her left. Smoke started rising off Alice’s seared body and mixed with the dead Ceberi.

On the throne, the open case remained giving off a bright green aura. There was nobody to appreciate its beauty and perfection.

To be continued.