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Summary: Aurora has been the dual queen for both kingdoms for over three years now since her coronation. She has verbally sparred with the nobles over the future of the Moors. After much time, the nobles no longer wish to take on the Moors, but instead a neighboring kingdom is looking to the wealth of the Moors. Queen Aurora desperately attempts to halt the pending war and resolve the conflict between herself, King Hubert, and the Moors. However, her last attempt is silenced when she is taken prisoner. Maleficent quickly acts and uses any powers necessary to protect her true love, Queen Aurora, even if it means becoming a monster again.

Started: November 30, 2014
Series: One Shot

In Love and Into War
By Red Hope



Over three years had passed in great haste since the tense peace between the human’s kingdom and Moorlands first begun by the crowning of Queen Aurora. Even though Aurora wore dual crowns, it was a verbal battle for many moons to keep her human kingdom in check. Those from the blue blood line demanded that Maleficent be jailed, sent to trial, and judged for her murder of King Stefan. Many believed she should be executed by the headsman.

Just as long as it took to strip the city of its iron, it took Aurora just as much time to change the nobility’s minds about Maleficent. Or perhaps she only managed to silence their voice, not their thoughts. Aurora was unsure, but she was thankful that beheading demands halted finally after more than a year. However, it did little to encourage Maleficent to visit her at the castle, particularly during the day. Instead, Diaval often flew between the Moors and the castle to watch over Aurora. Occasionally, they were able to speak thanks to Maleficent’s gift. Diaval was able to transform between raven and man at any given time after Maleficent had casted a spell.

Typically Aurora would take breaks from her life at the castle and escape to the Moorlands for a week to a fortnight. It often felt as if she was coming home each time she took the first step into the Moorlands. She always rode there by horse, but when she approached the border, she dismounted because she wished to take that first step with her own feet.

Maleficent warmly greeted the queen each time. Diaval always alerted Maleficent about Aurora’s approach to the borders. Maleficent listened each time, but she already knew of Aurora’s ride much before Diaval’s announcement. She never disclosed such information to Diaval and instead simply thanked him.

Aurora’s dampened smile grew in depth each time she laid eyes on Maleficent. For a long minute, they would hug and softly pass words of missing each other. For several hours, Maleficent would listen to all Aurora had to say about the human kingdom. It was obvious to anybody in the Moorlands that the stresses and trials of the human kingdom weighed heavy on Aurora. Similar to King Stefan, the man’s world was changing Aurora bit by bit. However, unlike King Stefan, Aurora was unblemished by greed, hatred, and desire for power. Instead, it seemed as if Aurora’s inner beauty was renewed every time she visited the Moorlands.

Each time Aurora had to leave the Moorlands, she felt a strong pull to remain there beside Maleficent. Beyond the borders, the castle loomed darkly in Aurora’s eyes. What rested in the back of her mind was the simple, cold fact that she was perhaps the only reason the human kingdom stayed away from the Moorlands. She had become the invisible thorn wall that protected the Moorlands from the humans. Yet, Aurora was no longer naive and knew that someday that wall could crumble to the ground.

After a difficult last hug, Aurora would bid farewell to Maleficent and promised to return soon. Maleficent always promised to watch over Aurora and reminded Aurora that she was welcomed to the Moorlands at any hour or day, for however long. From a tree, Maleficent would watch Aurora ride off. After a few minutes, Diaval would leap from her shoulder and glide behind Queen Aurora as a silent yet vigilant protector.

On the most recent visit, Queen Aurora discussed more than just typical politics, and it set Maleficent on edge. She knew better than anybody what smoke from the fire of war smelled like. She allowed Aurora to give her all the details as Maleficent carefully listened to it. Many times in the past she had heard of King Hubert, who was a neighboring kingdom to Aurora’s own. There were several leagues of marshland that also butted against the Moorlands, hardly anything compared to Aurora’s borders to the Moorlands. Many times Maleficent surveyed King Hubert’s kingdom, keeping it in mind as a potential enemy. Now that day seemed clearly on the horizon.

Queen Aurora was noticeable troubled by the strained relationships between her kingdom and King Hubert. She had exchanged numerous letters with him and talked to many emissaries between their kingdoms. However, there was no solution in sight or satisfaction for King Hubert.

Setting the strain and worry aside, Aurora focused on her visit with Maleficent. She could tell though that their conversation about King Hubert weighed heavy on Maleficent. Aurora faulted herself for speaking about it, yet she wished to forewarn Maleficent since the Moorlands were small neighbors to King Hubert.

During the last few days of her visit, Aurora attempted another serious conversation with Maleficent. They were seated on a large stone together beside one of many creeks in the Moors. They had a nice day that included a flight with Diaval. Now it was simply the two of them, side by side. Aurora took the opportunity to talk to Maleficent what had been on her mind for some time.

Maleficent heard the nervousness in Aurora’s first words as the conversation started between them. It caused Maleficent to become stoic, her subtle smile now gone. Her right hand gripped the stone under her. Each heartbeat that passed during the conversation caused Maleficent’s wings to twitch in anxiety. She wished to take flight and flee from Aurora, for the first time ever.

Aurora was at a lost when Maleficent remained silent through the entire discussion. It had become a one-sided conversation with no hope. Aurora had imagined many times how their discussion would play out. Silence was not expected, at all. Aurora remained burned and foolish after telling her thoughts and emotions to Maleficent.

After receiving nothing in return, Aurora apologized and left the fairy to her own dark devices. She spent the last days in the Moorlands under a gray cloud. She and Maleficent barely spoke until it was time for Aurora to return to the castle. Maleficent attempted a weak apology, but Aurora brushed it aside. She promised nothing had changed between her and Maleficent. Her promise did little to ebb Maleficent’s fears.

Like all the past times, Maleficent flew up to the same tree and landed on the same branch. In moments, Diaval landed on her shoulder and also watched Queen Aurora leave their lands. Once the horse and rider were far, Diaval jumped off Maleficent’s shoulder and continued his faithful watch over the queen.

Maleficent had superior vision as a fairy, but she could not see past the trees across the endless field once Aurora entered them. Maleficent flexed her taut jaw several times. Her eyes stung and the earlier apology was still stuck in her throat. She bit her lower lip then sadly whispered, “And I love you, beastie.”

To be continued.