To My Readers,

Many of you have contacted me and/or posted about the future of my fanfiction, especially Hedatu. For several months, I honestly had no definite answers and lately it’s a little clearer.

Back in November of 2017, I lost my job and naturally that was an upset, but it also provided the chance to finally begin my dream to become a published author. After buckling down, I thankfully finished and published my first novel called Thora. It was a great experience and learned a lot from the process, and it’s super exciting to have my own publishing company now called Little Red Wings (LRW). I’m thrilled for the future of LRW and looking forward to helping publish other writers later down the road.

And owning a publishing company brings me to the future of my fanfiction. All of my resources, time, talent, and monies, is now going into my manuscripts and publishing. I can no longer put those resources into my fanfiction on such a large basis as I once did over the years. As many have noticed, I am not posting anymore, and I’m afraid that will mostly be the case.

For months, I’ve battled with myself about ending my incomplete fanfictions versus dragging out things by posting updates once in a blue moon. In the end, I think it’s better to end the incompletes rather than drag and bait readers with random updates. I even considered avenues to somehow produce a “profit” from fanfiction writing, but none if it is simple and in the end, I still wouldn’t own the creative work. I will say, it is possible I may post a short, complete fanfiction here or there, and I can’t say for sure what fandoms.

Going forward, I will be posting one or two chapters to Beauty and the Alpha (BatA) that were already written back in early 2018 then it will remain incomplete. Hedatu will remain as is, incomplete. Truthfully, I honestly never saw an ending to Hedatu… and never wanted one for it. Additionally, I know there will be those that will request that I write a summary on what was going to happen in Hedatu and/or BatA. Unfortunately, I will not be posting any type of summary for incomplete fanfictions. Many of my ideas could and already have started transitioning to manuscripts.

As always, you are welcome to contact me through email to chat about anything. I hope that my fanfic readers will follow me and pick up my LGBT books. There are many manuscripts in the works, including a traditional lesbian western book, a post apocalyptic LGBT piece, and a superhero intersex novel. Also keep in mind, I am always looking for good beta-readers for my manuscripts.

Trust me that it has been a long, difficult decision to make about my fanfiction. I truly love sharing fanfiction, I love the multiple fandoms, and I love the readers I have met over the years. Everyday, I am amazed by how much my fanfiction has reached readers. Fanfiction has been a part of my life for twenty years and the transition is somewhat heartbreaking as much as exciting for me. I truly appreciate everyone’s support over the months, years, and even decades.

Thank you and love,
-Red Hope