Thora by Red Hope

Title: Thora
Author: Red Hope
Genre: Historical Lesbian Fiction
Length: 46,145 words

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About the Book

She is the only female hoplite in Spartan history.

She is a royal guard to King Leonidas.

She is the Iron Edge.

In an age when men rule, Halcyon rises above and is the master of her own life. At home, Halcyon controls her lands and her personal slaves with a strict hand, until the day she purchases an unusual slave. Thora is a fair skinned woman who stands taller than the Greek gods, with hair the color of gold, and blue eyes that rival the skies. Halcyon must own the unusual woman, but she is hardly prepared for the thunder that follows.

Step back into the glory of Ancient Sparta when the city-state becomes a formidable military power. Learn about Sparta’s unique social system including women’s dominant roles in both the house and in public affairs, and follow one slave owner’s journey as she learns to accept her slave’s spirit.