The Triple L by Red Hope

Title: The Triple L
Author: Red Hope
Genre: Western Lesbian Fiction
Length: 40,000 +/- words

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Available Summer 2018
About the Book

It’s the late nineteenth century when the wild is slowly fading out of the west. A lonely, wandering cowgirl finds her way into the small town of Paris, Texas where she’s looking for some work as a cattle driver. She expects her visit to be short lived in the small town, yet her plans change for the better.

The cowgirl, Landen Morrison, decided to remain in Paris, Texas so that she could get to know Ranger Raleigh Baylor more. Ranger Baylor learns the most intimate details about the cowgirl as they spend time together and apart.

The Texas Rangers continue the frantic chase for the Sam Bass Gang and tail them to Mesquite, Texas. They discover that the gang is robbing a nearby freight train. However, the rangers are taken completely by surprise, and Ranger Raleigh Baylor is left to hopelessly fight them alone.

The Bass Wars continue and Ranger Baylor’s lucky wild card may just pay off as the Sam Bass Gang goes on the run. The rangers follow behind the outlaws into southern Texas to the town of Round Rock where the gang plans to rob a bank. Will Jim Murphy tip off the rangers in time?

Landen Morrison has a chance to finally meet Mrs. Jane Baylor, and Landen is really feeling like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Then Raleigh Baylor rides into Paris to make the biggest change in her life ever.