Title: Maryland State Trooper
Author: Red Hope
Genre: Modern Lesbian Romance
Length: TBA

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Release Date: Early 2019
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About the Book

For Clare Danforth, her junior year at college is busy between dual majors, friends, and ongoing gruesome student deaths by a serial murderer named the Wicomico Killer. She’s keeping it all straight… until she has drunk sex with another female student. As a devout Catholic, Clare hides her one-time gay mistake, but it becomes increasingly more difficult after she meets Trooper Carver.

Leigh Carver is a tall, gorgeous, and totally gay police officer. As a Maryland State Trooper, she works hard and loves her job, willing to sacrifice anything for her badge including her sexuality, which is viewed as a weakness among the police ranks. Her attraction to Clare forces her to choose between serving in silence or breaking the chains.